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Kabira Bay Stand-Up Paddleboarding or Kayak Adventure on Ishigaki Island

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Not really a SUP tour; just a beginners experience on a board with no fins and in a very limited area

Reviewed by: Gonçalo Torres, 2019/04/26

This is not a tour: you stay paddling in an area radius of 100 meters near the calm and shallow waters of the inner bay beach. If you distance yourself more you will keep hearing hear the guides call to come back and follow them (nowhere...). It is not really a tour and you don't see much of the beautiful Kabira bay.
The boards are not suitable for an SUP tour: the boards have no fins, to paddle straight you need to change the paddle from one hand to another literally every single time you paddle; otherwise the board will start turning. May be the objective is also not to allow anyone to be able to go far... Extremely frustrating if you have some experience in SUP.
All the tours we checked in Ishigaki are similar but at least the others have boards with fins... No SUP rentals are yet available in Ishigaki yet.
In any case, our teenagers enjoyed the experience; adults not really.

All in all, it can be a pleasant experience if the intention is just to have a first contact with an SUP board and paddle and stay 50 meters from the beach on top of the board. But definitely not a SUP tour.

Attended as:Families
Activity Date:2019/04/21
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