Private Snorkeling Tour of Okinawa's Blue Cave from Onna

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Absolutely Amazing Experience

Reviewed by: Jacklin Kertayasa, 2017/04/28

This Snorkeling tour was amazing and our Guide was very kind and helpful. Okinawa's Blue cave is beautiful and filled with many different types of fish. We got to feed the fish and take many pictures. Overall it was an unforgettable experience and we can't wait to go back.

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Jacklin Kertayasa
It was good as it seems that you enjoyed the tour. There are still plenty of fun points in Okinawa so please come and visit.I am looking forward to it.

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Activity Date:2017/04/20
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Wonderful Private Snorkel Tour!!!

Reviewed by: Jenessa R., 2016/10/26

I went on the snorkel tour with my husband and my aunt and uncle when they came to Okinawa to visit us and we all had such an amazing time! Our guide was fantastic - funny, nice, and spoke english well. The company has a nice building with showers and a room where we can change and get ready after we are done snorkeling, which is very nice. I've gone on another Blue Cave snorkel tour with another company and this one was way better! The staff was very helpful. We got a CD with a ton of pictures from our snorkel for free so it's a great keepsake to have after our trip. We got to explore the cave for a while and we got to feed fish and also take off our life jacket a little at the end so we could dive down deeper. It was an all around wonderful snorkel experience. Thank you!!

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Hello. Thank you for your comment! I am very happy to hear that you have enjoyed Blue Cave. I also had great time with you and your family.
We have a lot of wonderful tour to enjoy OKINAWA. So if you want to enjoy it, please visit us again.
Thank you!!

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Activity Date:2016/10/22
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Great experience overall but go on a weekday.

Reviewed by: Michelle McGuire, 2016/05/14

We booked our tour on a Saturday to go to the Blue Cave. As this was my first ocean snorkeling experience, I was not sure what to expect but the minute I put my mask in the water I was hooked! The water was crystal clear and the wave action was very gentle. The only major issue that I had with the whole event was that the cave staging area was PACKED with people and boats. It was fun getting to see the fish and coral and other sea life and we didn't care too much about the congestion outside of the cave but inside was a different matter. There were so many scuba divers and other snorkelers in the cave that you sometimes hit them with your swim fins and it was really crowded waiting for you turn at the photography area. Feeding the fish was fun and they swam very close. Our guide was very apologetic about the congestion, and we were having so much fun we assured him we understood and were still happy with our first experience. It remains one of our favorite memories even with the traffic jam. Next time we will book the tour on a weekday to help reduce the congestion but overall the trip was great for a first time!

  • Some of the beautiful fish we saw on our snorkel!

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Thank you for commenting ! The day you booked tour was so crowded in the cave . But I am glad for you to have a fun our tour.
Next time you will come to OKINAWA , please book the tour on weekday !
By then , I am going to more improve my English skill! :)

I hope to see you again some day!

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Activity Date:2016/05/07
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Reviewed by: yokohaha, 2016/01/07

I tried this on January 3rd. I was nervous it would be cold, but with the wetsuits I wasn't cold at all. I've been snorkeling in Hawaii before, but I felt the water was clearer and there were more fish in Okinawa. The staff were really kind, so even if you can't swim, it will be fine.

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Thank you for your message.
See you next time.

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The tour is exciting with reasonable price!

Reviewed by: Anita Fung , 2015/06/06

We enjoy our blue cave snorkeling tour very much. The staff were very nice and they picked us up at hotel on time. The shop also provided us with shampoo, hair dryer and body lotion in addition to the basic bathing facilities. We highly recommend this tour to all of you !!!!

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Thank you for visit BOKENJIMA and your comment.

I hope you really had a good time,and we are looking forward to have you visit again.

We hope to see you again soon.
Thanks&Best Regards


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Activity Date:2015/06/04
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