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Naha Airport to Churaumi Aquarium Direct Tour (14:00 Departure)

Overall Rating

4.434.43 / 5


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Everything went smoothly

Reviewed by: Dat, 2018/06/13

The staff were friendly.
It's a good way to make use of an afternoon.

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2018/06/11
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Rough start, but great activity for those who other morning plans

Reviewed by: Looking to Relax, 2018/01/07

Once the tour got started, it was very satisfactory. It was nice to have an option for an afternoon start. The bus was comfortable and the staff was polite. The time allowed for the tour was perfect, and, since the whale shark feeding is done around 5:00, we were there for that main event.

The only thing that put a damper on the whole experience is that we could not find the guide at the departure meeting spot in the airport lobby. She was standing there the whole time with a sign that had the name of the tour written in large katakana characters. Even though I saw her and read the sign, it did not occur to me that that was my tour because the name was completely different from the name in this ad and the name of the activity provider was listed in very small print in the corner of the sign and nowhere else. When I told her why we couldn’t find her, she didn’t seem to aware of the English ad her company is running. Anyone who doesn’t read katakana or doesn’t know what the name of this tour in Japanese will likely have a rough start. I doubt they will fix this issue (by putting the activity name listed in this ad on their sign when people make reservations through this site) because they don’t seem to think this is a problem and said that is was Veltra’s fault that the name was different.
My party was stressed and irritated with me when the departure time was upon us and I couldn’t find the guide and then, when we figured out the issue, no one apologized - not the tour guide, not the activity provider’s clerk who we called, so I was stressed and and really wasn’t in the mood for a two-hour bus ride with these people or to be genki upon the guide’s request. Still glad I didn’t walk away and thankful for this option, but wish it would have gone more smoothly.

  • Whale shark feeding- this image doesn’t do the event justice. It was awesome!

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2018/01/04
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Reviewed by: SARAWUT, 2017/10/02

Perfect trip from start until finished, staff take care & make sure for every one get the correct information & perfect service

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2017/09/30
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Time saver

Reviewed by: Ajai Robin, 2016/12/18

We reached Naha around 12.00 Noon. So direct tour from Airport to Aquarium was really a time saver.
Around 1.30 PM we could easily find our tour guide inside the Airport itself.

The bus trip was average but really worth for money. Tour guide spoke only 'Japanese'. :-(
She was explaining a lot to travelers and most of them were enjoying the explanation.
We got one translator device from the bus. But we were unable to use it.

Inside aquarium, we got enough time to roam around and took many photos.

After the trip, they dropped us right in front of Kise Beach Palace where we stayed.

Tour Guide and the Driver were very friendly.
If they had some English explanation, I wound have given them 4 stars.

  • Inside the bus.

  • Translator device !

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2016/11/23
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Great Churaumi Aquarium Tour

Reviewed by: Sam, 2016/06/30

Since I missed the full day bus tour (remember to book it at least a day ahead), so I booked the direct tour to the Aquarium at the last minute. It was very a very fun trip.

The Aquarium is amazing it totally deserve a full day visit alone. But if you're on short notice or already planned something to do in the morning, direct bus tour is not a bad option at all since it starts afternoon and much easier than taking the bus yourselves.

Attended as:Solo Travelers
Activity Date:2016/06/28
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Reviewed by: Koume, 2015/02/02

We spent the time after arriving at the airport on this tour very efficiently.
It was so impressed by the big whale sharks who swim elegantly in the water that I forgot about the time. The sunset that we watched from the aquarium was so beautiful.

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Attended as:Friends
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Time effective

Reviewed by: Emi, 2015/02/02

I really wanted to go to the Churaumi aquarium but it was far than we expected so we found this tour to avoid renting a car.
I think it's a good deal if you want to see the aquarium. Very satisfied!

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Attended as:Families
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