Try an Underwater Marine Walk Adventure in Onna

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It was a fantastic experience

Reviewed by: Angie, 2017/05/09

I was worried initially but the Instructors at the Bkue Ocean site were very clear and precise w their instructions
The instructions were provided in English for us to read and to Ensure we really understand they got another Chinese speaking instructor to explain the whole process again
I enjoyed the experience very much

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2017/05/07
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marine walk / sea walk

Reviewed by: Ferdilyn, 2017/05/08

It was awesome alot of fun. We cant wait to do it again!

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2017/05/06
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Awsome experience

Reviewed by: Parag Khambia, 2017/05/03

Felt great. It was an awsome erperience. Staff was very nice. They also took care of younglings during our Marine walk session.

Attended as:Families with Young Children
Activity Date:2017/05/01
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I Wish I Were a Fish!

Reviewed by: Alex, 2016/08/29

The Underwater Marine Walk Adventure in Onna was freakin' amazing yo! I felt like I was one with the fishes. Now, I can safely tell people I know for a fact where Nemo and Dory are located. Overall, this was a very funny activity and highly recommended!

  • Hi Nemo!

  • Bye Nemo!

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2016/08/01
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