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Explore Three Points in the Sea of Kerama with a Snorkel

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Awesome day out on the reef

Reviewed by: Morag, 2019/12/13

Had a super day out snorkelling with Reeffers. I was so lucky that there was only two of us booked on so it was like a private tour! Laci was the guide and he was great. Explained clearly where i could and couldnt snorkel and let me go. His english was super too. Skipper and mate put us right on the coral, due to wind we could only go to two places but highlight of my trip i saw a pair of tomato clownfish hosting in a beautiful anemone!
Lunch was a good bento box and the boat had inside and outside areas to sit.
Overall a great day and would definately recommend. :)

Reply from activity provider

Hello Morag, this is Laci. Thank you so much for your kind words! I am very happy that you enjoyed your trip with us, I had good time chatting with you too. Kindest regards to you.

Attended as:Solo Travelers
Activity Date:2019/12/10
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Wonderful experience with the best crew!

Reviewed by: SH Teo, 2018/11/06

Apart from the bumpy boat ride, the experience was wonderful and memorable! We got to snorkel at 2 different islands (couldn't go to the 3rd island due to the weather) and it was amazing. We got to see the beautiful life underwater and for a first time snorkeller like me, it was mesmerizing. The crew was great. We had a chinese/English speaking, Japanese speaking and Korean speaking crew to give us instructions and help us out. They were extremely friendly and looked like they truly loved their jobs. Overall, I give this 5 stars! Just don't forget your seasickness pills if you are one get seasick. ;)

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2018/11/04
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First time snorkelling.

Reviewed by: KiYoMi, 2018/06/09

First time to snorkel and it takes some practice to get the mouth piece and breathing right, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a fun, eye opening and amazing experience.

Got to see a lot of tropical fish, especially on the third stop, and they may even swim toward you, (they are pretty curious), a turtle and I was lucky enough to see a shark!

Kind and patient crew, and very excellent instructions and how-to’s in English in a clear manner and easy to understand way. They also did instructions in Japanese and Korean too.

Recommend it! If and when I visit Okinawa, will go with them again.

**Note: no mention on their website about underwater camera rental, so assume they don’t do it. You should bring your own camera (with a firm grip!) if you want to take pictures.

Reply from activity provider

Thank you very much for spending a great time with us. There are a lot of other curious fish, waiting for you coming again.

Attended as:Solo Travelers
Activity Date:2018/06/05
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I would not recommend this tour

Reviewed by: Elisabeth, 2018/05/27

The experience was a bit strange because we felt like we were accompagnying a diving tour and we were allowed to snorkel alone near the boat during the other people dive. We didn't felt comfortable at all. We saw sea turtles so we were happy but maybe we could have seen them in another excursion. I would not recommend this tour for snorkelling. We didn't got any pictures of us as souvenir (because we were alone during snorkelling) like in the other snorkelling tours we did.
Also, we have been told not to touch the turtles, what is totally normal, but the divers (including the team) really disturbed the turtles ! I don't find this was good, so that is another reason I don't recommend this tour

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2018/05/25
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Good experience

Reviewed by: jobskii, 2018/05/03

I have been to other snorkelling spots, i.e. Blue Cave, Kerama Islands were a bit short of my expectation. The corals were a bit dead I suppose, some spots have life in it, others don't. Overall it is a good experience.

Reply from activity provider

Thank you for spending a good day with us!

Attended as:Solo Travelers
Activity Date:2018/04/30
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A long day of snorkeling, make sure you're ready!

Reviewed by: Lawrence, 2017/07/19

just got back yesterday, and I loved this activity. The voucher says only Japanese, but actually a few of the workers spoke really good English. It takes a little over an hour to get to the island, during which u can sleep or enjoy the scenery. When you get to your snorkeling points, the only other tourists around are the ones doing this activity so it's not nearly as crowded as the snorkeling points on the mainland. You're right by these uninhabited islands, you really feel like your in the tropics. Thriving coral, clear blue waters, and all sorts of animals. Me and my boyfriends found huge starfish, sea slugs, clams, clown fish, and even a sea snake and octopus!

If you like Japanese food, the bentos aren't bad. But don't forget to pack a lot of water (maybe even have some ice in it) and snacks, because you're exercising a lot.

Only bad thing I would say is that they run out of water near the end so the toilets wouldn't flush. If you need to go, don't wait! Overall amazing day and got some really good shots with my GoPro. Also I don't have kids, but the children I saw were also having a good time, so I consider this pretty family friendly as well.

Reply from activity provider

Dear Lawrence

Thank you very much for your kind and informative review.

We have many multilingual staff at Reeffers so that all customers can enjoy their time in Kerama.

You had a great adventure snorkeling in Kerama! That is great that you could see all of those sea animals and relax with your boyfriend.
You both I`m sure made some great memories on our tour. If you upload your pictures to any social media sites please tag us at #Reeffers.

We apologise about the toilet situation and would like to thank you for your understanding.

Thank you very much for joining our tour.

We hope to see you again soon!

From all the staff at Reeffers.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2017/07/17
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Explore 3 Points in the Sea of Kerema with Reeffars Ocean Sports Crew booked via Veltra website

Reviewed by: Julian Rush, 2017/06/17

Excellent value tour with very friendly Reeffars crew. Booked via VELTRA website. Very easy booking process with great communication with Reeffars by email to confirm booking details including fitting measurements for the snorkelling equipment and wetsuit which is all provided by Reeffars and was good quality. Nice lunch was also provided. Website indicates that Japanese language only but english was also spoken by some of the crew so if you are non speaking Japanese it is not a problem - at least half of the other people on the tour were also non speaking Japanese and communications were fine. The Reeffars crew are very friendly and professional. They provide coaching on correct snorkelling technique and were very attentive whilst you are in the water ensuring everyone was safe at all times - some of the crew are in the water whilst some remain on the boat watching over the whole group. They also offer opportunity to try scuba diving as well that although we did not take up as we are novice snorkellers and not that experienced being in the water I would definitely do next time. For those that did they provided one to one training for the novice scuba divers. Water is crystal clear and warm - managed to see lots of colourful coral fish plus sea turtles. Would highly recommend to do the tour - amazing experience and would highly recommend the Reeffars crew. Will definitely be booking with them again on next trip to Okinawa.

Reply from activity provider

Thank you very much for your kind review Julian.
We aim to provide a great tour for everyone so our crew study hard to use their language skills. We hope that you join us again soon and attempt diving. We are sure it will be another amazing experience for you.

Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Attended as:Families
Activity Date:2017/06/05
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