Beach or Boat Snorkeling Tour of the Blue Cave from Naha

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The Blue Cave

Reviewed by: Kazu-chan, 2016/08/09

My friend and I went on the Blue Cave tour for the first time together. We didn't like that the clothes we had to wear were very hot, but once we got in the water, we forgot all about it! There were so many fish, and we could see clownfish and the water was so clear! Our instructor was really energetic, cute and nice.

We were able to have a lot of photos taken in the water which were great memories for us, so you definitely need to have photos taken for you if you go! It was so affordable and we were so well taken care of. It was so fun that it was over before we even realized it.
The sea was so salty that I can remember just how salty it was even now. You'll probably sweat a lot before going into the water because it's so hot so make sure to stay hydrated before you go! But you can get cold tea from your instructor so even if you don't bring something, it's okay!

You'll learn how to use the goggles and how to breathe underwater extremely quickly and easily, do even if you're a beginner you don't have to worry. They also put fans around your leg so even if you can't swim, you can still move forward steadily and you won't sink, so there is nothing to worry about.

Anyway, being able to see and touch so many fish was a great experience for me. This is definitely a tour I want to recommend to everyone!

As for the showers after you finish, they're coin showers so it's better to have some change on you...but we just went to the nearby spa as is!

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