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All Ages Underwater Sightseeing Cruise Ship Orca with Departure from Naha

Lovely trip

Reviewed by: Jess, 2017/05/05

Unfortunately for me the weather was turning bad that day so the water was a little murky but they posted a sign saying how clear the water would be and how stable the boat would be and it was accurate. I had a fabulous time and inwould recommend anyone to take this tour. The lunch at the hotel was nice I liked that they had shabu shabu, but mostlynit was Chinese style foods.

  • Fish came tight up to the boat.

Reply from activity provider

Jess 様

Thank you for your boarding this time. It is very pleasing to say that our guests had a wonderful time. It was nice to be happy to have lunch at the hotel. We are waiting for another boat ride.

5/8 ウエストマリン ishikawa

Attended as:Solo Travelers
Activity Date:2017/05/02
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Underwater Sightseeing - At its best

Reviewed by: Prasanna SP, 2016/11/09

I was a little skeptical while booking the Underwater Sightseeing cruise . Saw a lot of reviews and choose this tour. I am so happy that I choose this tour. It was a perfectly sunny day with high tide. The tour organizers informed that the visibility level is low, even before the tour begun. We were made to travel in the boat for 15-20 minutes into the Sea, before being asked to get to the seabed observation deck that opens up only after the boat reaches a particular area in the sea.
My kids loved what they saw - It was absolutely beautiful to watch the amazing underwater seabed with its own flora/fauna , fishes. Its so much different from what we get to see in an aquarium like Churaumi. This is LIVE & pretty much Alive ! Though the organizers told us that visibility is going to be low, it was much better than we initially thought of. The Boat takes a full circle allowing the guests to have a full view of the ocean floor.
I would recommend anyone to take this boat ride & have great fun. The kids will absolutely enjoy it !

  • View from inside the observation deck

Attended as:Families with Young Children
Activity Date:2016/11/03
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Orca adventure

Reviewed by: George, 2016/09/05

Me and my girlfriend decided to go on a trip to ride on a underwater sightseeing cruise. It was really easy to find the place and it's about a 45 minute drive from kadena if your taking the expressway from kadena going to Naha and about an hour going 58 depending on how the traffic flow would be. Anyway, I'd say it's been an average experience cause we didn't exactly have of good view underwater cause of the unexpected weather so the sand under the water is everywhere but it was amusing on how the crew brings out the fish towards you, you'd be on this boat that carries about 20 to 30 people out to the ocean It was about 5 miles out of the port to reach our destination and has a way to go below the boat with seats in the middle and has glass on both sides so you can see the fish, I was really surprised and me and my girlfriend really enjoyed it but I got sea sick after 10 minutes of staring at the fish which took us a total of 1hr and a half tour.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2016/09/05
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Worth the money

Reviewed by: A Lee, 2016/06/06

It wasn't my first time doing similar activities. I had been to Langhawi and Bali but it wasnt as interesting as this time. There was a briefing of 5 minutes before the start of the boat trip. the staff memeber let you know about the visibility and the condition of the sea, which i think was very thoughtful for it let you know what you would expect. fortunately the visibility was ok and the sea was not rough. Although the website said the boat could carry 200 people, i just saw a group of tour and a family of japanese, which made the boat spacious and wouldnt feel cramped while all people stay on the lowest level watching the fish. i was able to see lots of fish around, it was very amazing and exciting. i took a lot of photos. this is really a great experience and is a must try when you are in okinawa

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2016/06/06
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Glad I did this!

Reviewed by: Ao428, 2016/02/10

Since we went to Okinawa with a 3 year old and little baby we couldn't do any marine sports, but we found this instead. I was a bit nervous going alone with my kids, but the staff were really kind and I was relieved. We could see the fish swimming just outside in the sea so my kids and I loved it. I also felt the lunch was worth it. There's not much around, so I was glad I reserved.

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Reply from activity provider

We thank you to have had you use the ship. ,Thank you very much.
And enjoy to you, I think we very happy.
I'm want to come to you also to play in Okinawa.
And, also, please board the underwater sightseeing boat Orca issue.
See you again.

2/13 westmarine

Attended as:Families with Young Children
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