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Last-Minute Things to Do in Osaka
Make the most of your stay in Kansai with our favorite tours and activities which can be booked last-minute. Rent a gorgeous kimono to wear and stroll around Shinsaibashi or go on an afternoon walking tour of Osaka then enjoy an Aqua-Liner cruise. Book early for a day of excitement and thrills at the famed Universal Studios Japan and Legoland Discovery Center. Venture out of Osaka and into Hiroshima and Miyajima or grab a Kintetsu Rail Pass and visit Kyoto, Nara, Mie, Iseshima, Nagoya and more!

    Availability varies by date for all activities.

  1. Kintetsu Rail Pass Reservations
    Instant Confirmation
    A bargain for visitors, the convenient KINTETSU RAIL PASS is available in four varieties, and allows you to explore Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Mie, Iseshima, Nagoya and more for a special discounted price!

    From USD14.06

  2. Ride on the Osaka Wonder Loop bus and explore the city from the streets! Board the bus at any of 14 stops around central Osaka and hop-on and hop-off as much as you like for 1 day. Upgrade to the 2-day option to explore even more!


  3. Full Day Tour of Kyoto and Nara from Osaka
    TOP PICKS Instant Confirmation
    Join this full-day tour of Kyoto and Nara! Discover the spiritual richness of these ancient capitals of Japan, play with deer and visit temples and palaces.
    English Available
    Meal Provided

    From USD170.62

    11.5 - 12 hour(s) (morning)
  4. Meet the fluffy feathered owls of the cafe and take pictures together with them. You can even rest them on your shoulder or head for a super cute pose.

    From USD15.94

    Review Rebate
    1 hour(s) (afternoon, evening)
  5. Visit the Osaka Museum of History, then explore the Otemon Gate of Osaka Castle, Houkoku Shrine and Castle Tower on this walking tour of the city's most renowned landmark!
    English Available


    3 hour(s) (morning)
  6. Experience the traditional culture of Japan in the "Way of the Tea," popularly known as Tea Ceremony. Learn to prepare a bowl of matcha green tea while wearing a graceful kimono.
    English Available

    From USD46.87

    Group Discount
    2 hour(s) (morning, afternoon, evening)
  7. Change into a samurai or ninja and learn to sword fight. Practice the moves, then perform a fighting scene with a professional taking the supporting role.
    English Available

    From USD50.62

    1 - 1.5 hour(s) (morning, afternoon, evening)
  8. Reservations for Legoland Discovery Center Osaka
    TOP PICKS Instant Confirmation
    Visit Legoland Discovery Center in Osaka for the day at a discount price. View the Lego versions of Osaka's famous sights, build something yourself or enjoy the many attractions with your family.

    From USD17.34