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See the most popular tours and activities in Saga and see for yourself why they are the Best Sellers!

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  1. 1
    Get deep into Japan's history with a visit to the oldest Western style wooden building and a number of other World Heritage Sites. Full day and overnight courses available.
    Pick-up Provided

    From USD342.52

    9 hour(s) - 2 day (morning)
  2. 2
    Learn all about ancient Japan on a history based tour of Saga and Fukuoka. Visit Yoshinogari Historial Park, one of Japan's oldest settlements, then see the sites that fueled industry.
    Pick-up Provided

    From USD304.46

    9 hour(s) (morning)
  3. 3
    Step into Japan's history with old samurai residences, buildings, tools, and other highlights from the end of the Edo Period to the early Meiji Period.
    Pick-up Provided

    From USD323.49

    8.5 hour(s) (morning, afternoon)
  4. 4
    Indulge in magnificent views and the local cuisine of Karatsu and Yobuko, featuring fresh seafood. Let us introduce you to a delicious squid restaurant featured in a movie.
    Pick-up Provided

    From USD228.35

    6 - 9 hour(s) (morning, afternoon)
  5. 5
    Learn about the 400 year history of Arita and Imari pottery on a private tour, and enjoy a blend of European and Japanese culture in a unique melting pot.
    Pick-up Provided

    From USD190.29

    5 hour(s) (morning, afternoon)
  6. 6
    Set out on a cultural tour that includes the huge Yutoku Inari Shrine. After that, head to Hama Sakakura street, where traditional breweries are waiting.
    Pick-up Provided

    From USD114.17

    3 hour(s) (morning, afternoon)
  7. 7
    Discover lovely Takeo City in Saga. Visit the Shidayaki Pottery Kiln, where high quality ceramics are still produced with traditional attention to quality.
    Pick-up Provided

    From USD76.12

    2 hour(s) (morning, afternoon)