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Private Oboke and Iya Valley Sightseeing Taxi Full Day Charter

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Perfect time in Iya valley

Reviewed by: Helena , 2019/12/16

We were group of friends,all together 12of us. The drivers were fully supportive, although they spoke little English,they tried their best to provide us with information and make our wishes come true.
We did the climb up all the way on Mt Tsurugi,so they had to wait a little longer. In general,we have seen all the sights worth seeing in the 8h tour around Iya valley.
The day was perfect and the drivers even waited with us for the train. We had an amazing time. Definitely,if we go again,we will take the same tour. Mt Tsurugi was the highlight of the day and all other hidden treasures of Iya valley cherries on the top.
Couldn't be better.

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2019/11/21
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A perfect day

Reviewed by: Raoul, 2019/11/29

Our driver was very kind. She suggested all viewpoints and she gave us some explanation. Even if she did not speak English, she did all her best to overcome the language barrier. It was a very pleasant day.

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2019/11/27
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Incredible stunning scenery

Reviewed by: Riitta, 2019/09/28

The taxi driver is a very nice lady and a good driver. She showed me all the places I wanted to see and more. She even bought us lunch which we enjoyed by the beautiful river side.

The Yosino-gawa is unbeliable emerald green and gorges are scenic. Also wisteria vine bridges (kazura-bashi) are worth visiting. I also liked Nagaro Screcrow Village because those life-sized scarecrow-type dolls are there toiling in the field, waiting at the bus stop etc.

Attended as:Solo Travelers
Activity Date:2019/09/26
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Great day

Reviewed by: Helena , 2018/05/05

We really enjoyed the day around Iya valley. We were a group of people interested in nature. We did everything possible to do, the drivers even took us out of their way on request. They were great and we enjoyed the journey very much.
Would definitely recommend the service, we asked to be picked up and dropped off by our hotel and we had no problems with the special request.

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2018/04/12
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Good excursion

Reviewed by: Terry, 2017/10/29

Good way to see the valley without the stress of finding your way around. The driver was very accommodating and adjusted the trip to my needs. Driver did not know much English but luckily my understanding of Japanese was sufficient to understand what he was saying.
Beautiful scenery but a week later might have able to enjoy all the fall colors.

Attended as:Solo Travelers
Activity Date:2017/10/27
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The Only Way To Do It Right

Reviewed by: Dr Jon Fujita, 2017/06/24

The Iya Valley is very difficult to tour on your own. Good luck finding a taxi cab or even calling for one. For another part of our journey we tried calling from the Oboke station and we were told it would take an hour for the cab company to send a taxi out to Oboke. For our tour we had Mr. Kotani pick us up at Iya Onsen Hotel and drop us off at the Oboke Station 5 minutes before our train left. He was very precise on timing. We saw the Mankin peeing boy, the single and double vine bridges, the scarecrow village - he even took us to the home of the lady that makes all the "people scarecrows" to meet and greet. We also went to the forest monorail for the 70 minute forest ride. It's difficult to find information on the Forest monorail ride in English - but it was the highlight of my time in Shikoku. The ride takes you on a two person vehicle through a beautiful mountainside forest. Some times the climb or descent angles are 45 to 60 degrees, so even hard to please teenagers who might think the monorail ride may be boring would be pleasantly surprised. Elderly people who may think they will fall out will be glad to know that the seats automatically adjust to support you at the right angle.The single vine bridge is closer to the Oboke station and more picturesque but the double vine bridge is more fun because there is a box pulley as well as a "male" and "female" vine bridge and there is a beautiful waterfall and it is less crowded because it is further away from the station and harder to get to.
There is also a 30 minute easy Yoshino river cruise just north of the Oboke station. It was beautiful. But I would warn anyone who wants to go from Oboke station by foot that it is not a 20 minute walk. It's more like a 25 to 30 minute walk from the station. The Japanese like to say "if run a little" to adjust their time estimates. So it is a 20 minute walk from the station if run a little.
I highly recommend doing this tour especially with a large party.

Attended as:Families
Activity Date:2017/06/20
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