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Wi-Fi Router Rental Service with Unlimited Data and Hotel Delivery Included

Attended as (Couples) Reviews

Awesome service very handy!!

Reviewed by: Aalia Kara, 2015/02/10

It was our first visit to Japan and we only got around everywhere with the help of this amazing pocket WiFi! It was of immense help to have internet/WiFi with us through out our trip! I would literally advice every single tourist to make use of this service especially If you do not know Japanese you simply MUST have it!!!
The connection was fabulous. The speed was great and thanks to veltra they made it really convenient for us!
The pocket WiFi had already arrived at our hotel when we went to check in.
Also we ordered for it in Tokyo and requested for a return in Kyoto. Without any problem veltra offered us that service.
They also provided the return envelope with all the needful details and all we had to do is drop it off at our hotel lobby or in a post box or at the airport postbox (for which also they provided the details).
Thank you veltra again for making our trip so comfortable and easy!!!!

Reply from activity provider

Dear Sir/Madam Aalia Kara,

We sincerely thank you for your compliments and giving us a good rating.
If our service was able to contribute to your first trip to Japan, we couldn't be any happier than this.
Please come to Japan again if there is an opportunity !!
We pray for the health and great happiness of all of you.

Sincerely yours,

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2015/01/31
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Terrible performance

Reviewed by: Cotter, 2014/12/16

First off, this device was delivered with a dead battery so it took hours of charging before it was useable.

After that performance was lousy. The best perf I measured at 3mbps and the worst was somewhere around dial-up. Oftentimes I couldn't even load basic web pages at all.

I tried two iPhones and an iPad with the same result.

This thing is crap. Find another solution.

Reply from activity provider

Dear Sir/Madam Cotter

We apologize for making you feel uncomfortable due to our service.
We were also examined, but do not know what has become such a situation this time.

We send it out after we always charge battery before shipment.
So, as a possibility, after the radio check, we might have forgotten it to turn off the power.
But communication speed, it can not control in our side.
As soon as the terminal return, I will investigate the cause.

I really appreciate all the trouble you've gone to.
We will sincerely reflect on that, and make efforts to prevent a relapse.


Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2014/12/12
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worry free Wifi Router Rental

Reviewed by: Chieh, 2014/06/25

Pick up device from hotel and return it by dropping at the front desk. worry free service

Reply from activity provider

Dear Sir/Madam Chieh

Thank you for the good rating!
"No additional charges! (tax and return postage included)" is the strength of our product.
We hope you will use our service again.


Attended as:Couples
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