Tea Ceremony and Take- Home Yukata Experience in Tokyo

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Hostess was very nice!

Reviewed by: R & M Bateman, 2016/04/23

The hostess and he assistant were very nice and they could speak very good english. We loved the presentation and the ceremony very much. We really learned a lot. The only negative I would say is that the location is in an old building which takes away from the whole Japanese experience. Other than that, we really had fun.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2016/04/18
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Authentic Insight into Japanese Culture

Reviewed by: Aaron Eames, 2016/04/11

We attended the experience for my friend's birthday as a surprise. The location was easy to find, we do happen to live in Tokyo but it was very close to the station and the map provided was simple to follow. The instructors welcomed us enthusiastically and invited us to get started right away.

First we chose our yukata, a light and casual summer garment, and obi, a sash to hold the yukata closed, from a couple of options. The instructors demonstrated how to put it on and then it was our turn. We tried it out a few times so I left feeling I might be able to do it correctly in future (i.e. without their constant help...). They also told us a little about the history and conventions of the costume, such as not wrapping the right side over the left since that's how the dead are dressed for funerals. Then it was photo time and various props (swords, fans and umbrellas) were available.

After that we proceeded to the tea ceremony. The instructors explained each stage of the ritual-like event and taught us how to enter, move around in, and sit in the tearoom. Then they served us Japanese sweets and prepared the tea, matcha, green tea with a strong, bitter taste. Guests eat the sweets first to counteract the bitterness (or enhance it, depending on your preferences) and the tea is whisked to a frothy texture making it deliciously smooth. We even had chance to make the tea ourselves and serve each other which was much more difficult than the instructor made it look!

Overall we had a great time and I recommend this experience to anyone who's interested in the tea ceremony or wanting to learn how to wear a yukata. A perfect introduction!

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2016/04/08
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Great way to learn about traditional Japanse culture

Reviewed by: Mei Wa and Lesli , 2015/11/30

We attended the Tea Ceremony and Take-Home Yukata Experience in Tokyo. It was our first morning there, and we got a bit lost along the way. We are grateful to the instructors for waiting for us, and even showering us with great hospitality.

We first learned how to get dressed in the yukata, and the instructors were patient in guiding us along every step. It was certainly no easy feat for city girls like us, and we are extremely happy with the experience. We will certainly try to get dressed in the yukata on our own in future.

After getting dressed in the yukata, we proceeded to the tea ceremony. Again, it was an eye-opener for us. Before coming over, we know that the Japanese placed great emphasis on preparing their tea. It was only when we started doing it did we realise the heart and soul that goes into preparing every cup of tea. We will certainly remember to make our tea fast and frothy like a cappuccino in order to enjoy the sweetness!

It was an overall fun and enriching experience, and we had a lot of fun interacting with the instructors and poking fun of each other. We strongly recommend anyone who wants to enjoy a truly authentic Japanese experience to participate in this event. You won't regret it!

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2015/11/05
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