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Kimono Rental and Kimono Dressing in Nihonbashi

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Grenat experience !

Reviewed by: Tamara, 2019/08/20

We wanted to tour the Nihombashi shrines in kimonos : the welcome and fitting was perfect, the lady was very soft and polite and used a translator to communicate if necessary.
There was a large choice of kimonos/obis/bags/hair ornaments and shoes all in perfect condition. Even the August temperature couldn't lower our enthusiasm !
I completely recommand the experience ! We received compliments from natives on the street and shot beautiful pictures.

Reply from activity provider

Dear Tamara,
Thank you very much for your warm message. We are very glad that you have enjoyed kimono. We passed your message to the staff and she was very happy to hear it. Stroling in Nihonbashi shopping district in a kimono is special to any tourists. We hope you to come back again in other seasons, and best regards,

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2019/08/17
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Dress Up

Reviewed by: Allan S, 2017/05/22

We had such a good time. Thank you so much. You were great.

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Thank youvery much for your warm message. We are very glad that you enjoyed wearing KIMONO! In summer time, we a different type of KIMONO called YUKATA, which is made of cotton, so we are looking forward to welcome you again in near future. Best regeards,

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2017/05/06
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Best experience ever

Reviewed by: Abby, 2017/04/18

Truly completed the Japanese experience. We learned the different parts of a kimono, wrapping, tying, layering, and folding. The best part was walking around Nihonbashi and bumping into locals who were also in their gorgeous kimonos. Highly recommended

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Dear Abby,
Thank you for joing us, and we are very glad that you fully enjoyed KIMONO experience. As you mentioned, KIMONO is very unique and traditional costume which has long history at the same time some people still wear daily. If you have a chance, please come and visit us again on Summer, as we have summer time kimono called "YUKATA" which is made of cotton and very beautiful as well.

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2017/04/15
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Beautiful kimonos and wonderful servcie

Reviewed by: jenniferashley, 2016/10/25

My family and I really enjoyed the experience and I highly recommend it. The service was wonderful and professional. The choice of kimonos was excellent. We took some photos inside and then went out on the street to take more photos. We all had a really good time. You don't need to return the kimono until the end of the day.

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Dear Jennifer,
Thank you very much for your comment. We are very glad that you enjoyed KIMONO experience. The KIMONO fitter remembers you and your daughter very well, and said she was an angel! In summer time, we have YUKATA which is a summer style cotton KIMONO, so please come back and have another try in near future.

Attended as:Families with Young Children
Activity Date:2016/10/01
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Kimono Rental With my Thai Girlfriend

Reviewed by: Yuutaro, 2016/08/12

In April, my Thai girlfriend and I went together for this kimono rental experience. Unfortunately, it was a little rainy outside, but the meeting place for the activity was inside and the shop had a classy feel. The person who helped us put on the kimono spoke English, and I noticed a lot of non-Japanese customers. My girlfriend can't speak any Japanese, so this was really helpful for us.

We went to wear kimono together, and even as a guy, I thought it was really fun. More than that, my girlfriend was happy and that was the best. It seems like many people have an interest in Japanese kimono, so if you have friends from overseas, you should definitely bring them to do this.

Since you can wear the kimonos for the whole day (until 6pm), we got on the train and headed for Asakusa. It was kind of funny since so many travelers were staring at us. We had a lot of people ask to take pictures with us. It felt like we were famous.

After that, we wandered around Tokyo Skytree, Ginza and the Imperial palace, wearing the kimono to our heart's content! I definitely recommend this to travelers. I really enjoyed this tour.

(Translated from Japanese by

  • Complete with a cute obi

  • First time wearing kimono

  • I had fun too

  • Drinking matcha in kimono is really special

  • Wearing kimono on the subway

Attended as:Couples
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The Best experience

Reviewed by: Chacha(misaki), 2016/07/04

Love this place so much. OMOTENASHI NIHONBASHI is the best place to try dressing Kimono with dressing kimono expert and leran the proper way to wear Kimono. You can choose your own Kimono and Obi. You can walk around Tokyo while wearing Kimono but you have to return Kimono before 6.00 P.M.

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Arigatou gozaimasu :)

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Dear Chacha,
Khob khun Mark Ka!
Thank you very much for your warm message. We are glad that you enjoyed our KIMONO experience. You and your sister looks exquisite on YUKATA (summer time KIMONO). If you have a chance to come to Tokyo again, please join our tea ceremony which is also very popular. We hope to welcome you again in near future. Shinnniciya Inc.

Attended as:Families
Activity Date:2016/07/02
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Excellent customer service

Reviewed by: Melinda, 2015/05/24

This kimono rental area was very run. The place was very clean and although the dresser's English was limited, she was very nice and very hospitable. There were enough beautiful kimonos the choose from and service was professional.

Attended as:Solo Travelers
Activity Date:2015/05/23
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Kimono Rental

Reviewed by: Shannon and Lynn, 2015/05/15

We were very well received and greeted by the staffs and the owner when we stepped into the shop which is located on the 4th Level of a nice shopping mall. Then we were brought to a room to select our kimono before the friendly staffs helped us to dress up. Very professional. The selection of Kimono may not be as wide range as compared to Kyoto's Kimono rental shops. However, is good enough. One bonus was the staffs will match the chosen textile with your skin tone and advise accordingly.

We wore the kimono and shop around at Ginza area before we have to return the rental set by 6p.m. If possible, we would hope that they could provide make-up or hair doing services liked those shops at Kyoto. We were dressed up beautifully but without a nice hair do and makeup (since we are tourists).

Will recommend to anyone who has yet to try putting on Kimono..... to check out the shop.

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2015/04/18
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