Classic Sudare Woven Bamboo Sushi Mat Making Half Day Workshop near Asakusa

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A valuable experience

Reviewed by: Sudare, 2015/08/14

I looked at this site and applied because I found it by chance and was interested. It took around 15 minutes from Asakusa Station. It was far from the center area and may be hard to get to. Iam not very good with maps, though. It was two hours, but I finished earlier. I was able to experience a variety of things. They explained the parts I didn't understand easily a number of times, very kindly. Correspondence was very good. A part of the machine which I used seemed to have been in use around 80 years. That was a surprise. The atmosphere during this experience was good. I thought that it was a simple work, but I turned out to need some techniques, I could not work on it well. I did not complete it in a flat form. The staff helped me make a small adjustment. I cut the end with scissors finally. I am going to use it when I cook maki sushi soon. I can also use it for luncheon mat. I was also glad that I was given a coaster. I am going to use it for company immediately. I was satisfied with the experience this time in whole. I would recommend it to foreign visitors and children too. I would like to apply for this experience again if I have a chance in the future.

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I made an awesome maki-sudare mat!

Reviewed by: Tattsun, 2015/06/03

One day I decided to make maki-zushi (rolled sushi) and noticed that there was no maki-sudare (rolling mats) in our house. I wasn't sure if there were any in stores in the neighborhood, and even if I found one, it may not be made in Japan, so I just kept postponing it, until I saw this ad. "Oh yes. It would be safe if I made one as I learn from the pro!"
The workshop at a very quiet place I couldn't imagine it was in Asakusa. The process of manufacturing a sudare can be seen from the outside, and felt very spacious.
Creating it starts from sorting knots of bamboo, I was surprised to see they lined bamboo pieces made from one bamboo on order. I was impressed to hear that sorting pieces out of one bamboo makes a nice roll. Personally the most fun work was cutting bamboo pieces neatly after they were knitted. It was very nice to feel bamboo cutting with sharp and large scissors. They said they use bamboos made in Japan, knotted threads are also very robust. I made rolling sudare much nicer than the one used at my parent's house.
I also got a special woven coaster as a present (the weaving is so detailed!), so this was a really satisfying experience.

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