Garcon Pub Dinner Theater Show in Shinjuku

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Reviewed by: Suikachan, 2015/10/27

I managed to get seats for the 08:30 show about a week in advance.
Once we got inside it was nicely dim, and being on the 49th floor mean't we had a great view of the city lights.
It is not a very big theater, so you can get a good view from all the seats, and we got the best seats in the house. While we waited for the show to start we had drinks and chatted with the dancers who came by to say hello to everyone, which I thought was a nice touch. The show itself had great dance numbers, as well as skits and funny bits, and we had a great time. We would happily go again!

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Great Scenery! And a new Experience!

Reviewed by: natsu, 2015/08/14

This was my first experience going to a dinner show, so I was excited and nervous.
I got there about 30 minutes before the show was going to begin. The theater was nearly full, with most of the other customers seeming to know each other from work. There were many groups of women attending, so I felt the show is very woman friendly.
We were guided to our seats, and got a drink, then the dancers came around and began to introduce themselves. Everyone was so friendly and interesting, we were having a lot of fun even before the show. Also, the huge window behind the stage offered an amazing view of the Tokyo skyline. We could go up on stage and get a nice picture from the window! The show began from 19:30, but the sunset was beautiful and I was impressed even before the show began. The show was about one hour, but passed in an instant! I was overwhelmed by the quality, it was so far beyond my imagination. The music is a great variety from hip-hop to good old music. It seems to be enjoyable regardless of age.
Dancers came so close we could practically touch their clothes and their performance was really great.
The dancers on the stage were like other people compared to the friendly ones before the show. Their professionalism was felt in their earnest expressions and was very cool. For the dances, their every move was set and well done, you could really feel the effort.
Dancers came for greetings after the show but we just had to have a handshake! They are so beautiful and cool! I really want to go meet everyone again!

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Amazing show and tasty food!

Reviewed by: Red, 2015/05/31

I went with a coworker, not knowing what to expect, and had a fabulous time. The cast came out and talked to us before the show, and were all amazingly friendly and charming. The city from the windows behind the stage was a really cool view too! Dinner was accompanied by generous drinks, and every dish was really good, and pretty filling.
The show itself just didn't stop. Even though there are only about 10 dancers, the stage was never empty, as some would run off and do quick costume changes, sliding into place for the next number. The show didn't stay on the stage either, the dancers hopped off the stage to run around the whole theater, dancing and performing right by every table!
This was wonderful, and it's on my list to take more friends to!

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