Half Day Sandblast Glass Engraving Class in Kichijoji

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Continual wonder

Reviewed by: Ryou, 2015/12/03

It was on 3rd floor of the building facing Tokyu.
If I overlooked the board on 1st floor, I might have got lost.
As I entered, I saw 4 or 5 students and 2 other beginners, maybe.

I could choose from a thin green or thick blue cup, so I chose blue.
There were various patterns, but I wanted to make the one with cherry blossoms scattering so I decided immediately. Other than that, there were seasonal designs like snow crystals and Christmas patterns etc.
As I decide the design, I placed things as I like and keep on cutting with a cutter over the design paper!
Curves were difficult, so it took 1-1.5 hours just to cut.
After that, the teacher judged cutting and I moved on to etching the glass
Transparent glass surface was colored so by shaving it pattern appeared and I was so impressed.
After that, I kept removing cutting sheets and washed it with water, then had it painted for finish and it was done.
It seems like after 5 days it can be used.

I saw works of other students and theirs were so three dimensional and wonderful, I felt at home in that environment and relaxed, so I'd like to go there again if I have a chance!

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At-home style!

Reviewed by: Ming, 2015/11/05

This was my first time doing sandblasting.
It is located across from the Tokyu store in Kichijoji.
When I entered the room, a staff in the store welcomed me really cheerfully.
I chose from the cups and small accessories, found the design among many kinds and finally started.

I was not familiar with it at all.
Sandblasting lets you make a design by turning the colored glass at front of the glass white (transparent?) with sand.
I selected a blue cup. As I sandblast, the parts that were not covered with stickers became white.
I attached stickers with my choice of designs on the cup then cut the part I want blasted with a small knife. After that, I shaved the glass with the sand.
I felt as if I had been hitting the glass with the sand that fell from top. It was fun to see it change colors and get whiter.

I did not understand it at all first. However, the staff in the shop were very thorough with instructions, so I could make my cup.
I felt it as if I had been at home, and it was fun to listen to the staff.
Thank you for your work today!

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