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This activity is not available to book at this time.

Modern Kyogen (Noh) Comedy Performance in Shibuya


Get ready to laugh and think with a hilarious play

Stop in for a comedic Kyogen play, similar to Noh theater, presented with a modern twist. Set on a dramatic traditional stage, this is a perfect introduction to the funny and historic art form.

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Enjoy Kyogen while having fun is the theme around which the Kyogen Lounge was founded. Designed to spread the wry humor and witty play of Kyogen to a wide audience, we combine traditional performances with modern live events like DJs.

We know traditional Japanese performances and theater can be difficult to understand, so we have beginner-friendly explanations of the performances, etiquette, and shows, so everyone can join in and have fun.

The lounge space will also feature modern apparel and cosmetics, a standing bar, and a kimono clad DJ bringing you live music as you step into a fun filled evening.
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VELTRA says:
Be fascinated with the beautiful stories and engage yourself in the comedic stories of Noh in this performance.
This activity is not available to book at this time.
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    • Student prices apply to high school students and above. Students in middle school and below may not participate.
Additional Note(s)
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    • The tour schedule is subject to change or cancellation.
    • Seats are unreserved. We recommend checking in and saving your seating promptly.
    • The backstage tour will be conducted by staff in both Japanese and English.
    • Food or drinks from the standing bar are not included in the activity fee.
    • This performance is held entirely in Japanese only.
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A great opportunity to see a historical Japanese theater performance in a real Noh theater. At first, I was worried I wouldn't understand a thing with my limited knowledge of Japanese, but they were k...more
This was my first time to watch a Kyogen (Noh), which considered as the most ancient performing art traditions of Japan. It was funny and entertaining, the actors used lots body language to make the p...more
by: Miss C
I love kabuki, but had never seen Noh live, and this sounded like it would be amusing (not an adjective one associates much with Noh). It was of course all in Japanese, but they had some funny actors ...more