Silver Ring Welding and Engraving Experience in Tokyo

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Weddings rings that are just us!

Reviewed by: natsu, 2015/12/03

Famous brand name rings are gorgeous, and I would love one, but the price... But a wedding ring is something you wear for your life, so it has to be special... thinking of this kind of wish, I joined this activity.
It was a short walk from Hibarigaoka Station. Inside the room was decorated with fake green, just like its name "Metal Engraving Classroom in the Woods", it was a very comfortable place. Many tools were lined up, making a good interior atmosphere. The teacher was very gentle and easy to get along with. However, not just explaining the process I was taught details of engraving carving and how to use the tools, so I learned a lot. I found tools I used only when I was in elementary school, it reminded me of drawing and crafts class at that time.
I enjoyed each process thinking about whats next, and soon a wonderful ring was completed! I was so moved that a nice ring like the one sold in a shop was completed! Especially, I was impressed by the moment when the ring was polished during the finishing process. We exchanged completed rings, but just by thinking that my partner made it with all their heart, I felt a special warmth in it which does not exist in rings for sale. I will treasure it forever with a memory of making the ring! Thank you so much, Teacher!

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