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Japanese Culture Experience Tour in Nihonbashi

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Insight into culture

Reviewed by: Laura, 2018/09/30

Thoughtful & well organized this tour is a good introduction to Tokyo crafts.
I especially liked visiting the Shinto Shrine and liked the pace of the tour. The tour includes the Coredo buildings, modern but with ancient crafts to enjoy.

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2018/09/28
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Lovely Group Tour in Nihonbashi

Reviewed by: SongnDance, 2017/04/24

The Nihonbashi Information Center was wonderfully accommodating in helping me plan a tour for our group of 14. The email follow-up, confirmation and check-ins were excellent.

The information center itself was easily accessible from the JR Train line and we actually managed the trip there and back ourselves, without a guide. Once there, we were warmly greeted by several staff members who noted our allergies and communicated with our luncheon restaurant. The Culture Experience tour guide wore a mic which was appreciated, and, although not Japanese, also traditional garb, adding to the neatness of the experience. Her fluent English was a plus. We were happy to be assigned two guides, one of whom vigilantly watched the group stragglers to ensure we all got where we needed to be.

Tons of interesting information was shared, lunch was a delicious experience with authentic Japanese cuisine. Our only regret was that there was no English menu or explanation to tell us exactly what we were eating, as our guide(s) did not remain with us for lunch, and the restaurant spoke very little English. The tried very hard, however and were sometimes able to communicate the English words for items on our menu.

Following lunch, our group split in two to switch places doing an Origami class offered by the Center -- and shopping. Everyone loved this experience, which was well worth the investment.

  • The Information Center was located inside Coredor 1

  • Origami was great fun!

  • We learned how to shave fish and got to taste the fish shavings

  • Learning about chopsticks and how to use them was useful!

  • These candy sticks, in flavors like rose, lavender and chamomile -- were delectable.

  • An explanation near the shrine

  • A ritual handwashing exercise prior to viewing the temple

  • It is respectful to bow before entering, and when leaving.

  • A photo op near the shrine

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2017/04/21
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