100 Types of Sake All-You-Can-Drink Tasting at a Local Bar in Ikebukuro

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Japanese Sake Girls Party

Reviewed by: Jijichan, 2016/04/26

It was tons of fun! The shop is really welcoming to those who don't know a lot about Japanese liquor. The 4 of us girls went and had lots of tasty drinks! It was a great deal.

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Sake Heaven!

Reviewed by: Jasmine, 2016/03/23

I visited this location with my friend visiting from America and my Japanese friend. In America, there are lots of wines and craft beers, but very little selection of sakes. This was an awesome experience to taste all sorts of sakes from all over Japan! My Japanese friend also made us some snacks to nibble on while we tasted a variety of sakes for almost 6 hours!
The staff there was super nice and recommended all sorts of sakes and did an hourly "toast with water" to keep us all standing on our feet the next day. haha They also handed out slippers for us to wear after standing on our feet for several hours. I got to also try a lot of unique prototype cold press fruit liquors that I'm in love with now. I really need to check out their sister shop, "Shugar" next time!

  • Tasty unique cold press fruit liquors

  • All sakes have labels stating the type of flavor too.

  • You can drink hot sake too!

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100 different sakes

Reviewed by: NLB, 2016/01/20

All the sakes were so much better than the ones you get in Europe! The bar owners were really sweet and excited for us to visit, and gave us lots of recommendations all night long. They helped us figure out if we liked dry or sweet sake, and had us try their personal favorites. We each had at least 8~9 kinds, as well as yummy fruity liqueurs.

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Activity Date:2016/01/18
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