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Mt Fuji 2-Day Climbing Tour from Shinjuku Station with Optional Crater Tour

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Unforgettable Experience!

Reviewed by: Stars, 2019/08/06

I've joined "Overnight Mt. Fuji Climbing Tour with Bus from Tokyo (July 1-Sept 7, 2019) / Yoshida Route Plan / Designated 8th Station Lodge" last weekend.

It was most fun experience I've ever experienced!
To climb up Mt Fuji from 5station is kinda tough but, to see the sunrise on the highest mountain Japan, it is worth it.
I also joined crater tour on the summit, the price is only additional 500yen and i’m so impressed.
You will be able to see the shadow of Mt.Fuji which called “Kage Fuji” if you are lucky.
I strongly recommeded this tour itself and additional crater tour!!

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2019/08/02
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Excellent tour to scale Mt. Fuji!

Reviewed by: Samuel, 2019/07/31

Great tour for first-time climbers of Mt. Fuji! All-in-one package and fuss free, which was great!

Meeting point was at Shinjuku (big train station, so do arrive early to find the meeting point!). As part of the tour, we stopped by a Yamarental shop to collect hiking equipment.

After which, we were taken to lodge at 5th station (approx. 2300m above sea level), where we could put things not needed for the summit in lockers (JPY 500 for each locker).

Our group was a mixture of ages. The guide was great; he set a good pace that all of us could follow, taking frequent breaks so that we could acclimatize to the increasing altitude. We started the hike at 1pm, and reached the 8th Station (approx. 3400m) by 7pm.
Thankfully, as part of the tour, the mountain lodge was already booked and we also received a hot meal.
The mountain lodge bunk beds were cramped but overall it was a good and warm place to rest before summiting.

At about 1am, we set off again to climb up to the 9th station and the summit.
We reached at the summit (approx. 3600m) at about 4am and caught the sunrise. Our guide was great because he knew of an empty spot, and so we were able to capture great photos of the sunset away from the crowds.

One tip is to bring sufficient funds if you want to buy the Mt. Fuji Walking Stick (JPY 1000-2000) as a memento, because you will pass plenty of mini-rest stops where they will offer to brand the walking stick with a unique design (from JPY 300 - 500). As there are about 20 of these different designs, bring sufficient money!
Also, the food/drink at each rest stop becomes progressively more expensive the higher you go; good to have a large supply of candy/snacks/isotonic drink with you. Also, the use of toilets on Mt. Fuji (at 5th station and all other stations) require JPY 100 - 400 to access.
Finally, 5th station also has a number of souvenir shops that sell unique Mt. Fuji-themed souvenirs, so do bring more money for that too!

Attended as:Solo Travelers
Activity Date:2019/07/29
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Amazing experience!! A must do while visiting Japan!

Reviewed by: Kiko & Min, 2019/07/21

I don't know where to start this review except to say this is one of the most amazing experiences in Japan and I wouldn't suggest doing it any other way. I went with my friend and we had an absolutely amazing time. I would like to mention that even the directions about where the meeting location is was very clear. The bus ride was also more comfortable than we expected it to be. We were both a little worried about the hike as we are not too experienced. However, our guide was so kind and helpful and he kept making sure that everyone in our group was feeling okay and that we were all staying hydrated. Our guide was also very good at speaking English so we didn't feel left out at any point. He knew the answers to all of our questions about Mt. Fuji which kept us entertained throughout some of the tougher parts of the hike. We rented a bunch of gear which we highly recommend as it was a very smooth and convenient process to rent and return and the equipment was definitely necessary! I would definitely recommend bringing warm clothes and enough snacks and food as it can be quite expensive on the mountain, or bring enough money as you need to pay to use the toilets as well! The hot spring after the whole climbing experience was a very nice addition and made the trip that much more memorable! Overall, we loved the whole experience and highly recommend it as it was very professional and well-planned which helped ensure it to be a wonderful experience.

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2019/07/20
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Unfortunate weather but really excellent guides

Reviewed by: Kent and Luc, 2019/07/19

So we didn’t summit due to unfortunate weather. The guides however were top notch. They took such good care of us. We were leading the pack and the guides always caught up to us to make sure we were ok and then went back down the mountain to help others. They even called ahead for us to let the mountain hut know we were coming so we wouldn’t wait in the pouring rain and blistering wind. When we came back down, the guides (Ken and Taichi) provided excellent directions. Later on I was caring a bag of trash around and he took it from me and got rid of it. It’s those little attention to detail that made us feel we want to come back and try again in the future. Ken and Taichi are the best. Thanks for taking such good care of us.

Attended as:Families
Activity Date:2019/07/13
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Two days Mount Fuji Tour

Reviewed by: Stine and Ida, 2019/07/18

We had a really good trip with an amazing guide! The guide was really helpful, and we felt safe all the time we were climbing. We will definitely recommend this tour to others! The buses were on time, two hours in Onsen were included and the mountain hut was really cozy with good food.
We had an exceptional experience and a really funny time with a perfect group! Nothing negative to say about this company! Remember to bring warm clothes, rain jacket/trousers, good mood and cross your fingers for good luck!

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2019/07/15
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Memorable experience of a lifetime!

Reviewed by: Jenny Liu, 2019/07/18

We decided climbing Mt. Fuji was one of the must-do things in Japan. We booked with a guided tour with Veltra, which took a lot of the stress off of planning logistics (transportation, lodging, safety). The climb was difficult as we thought it would be, but the tour made things much easier as we had company and guides who were very knowledgeable about the mountain, including safety tips and sites with deeper spiritual meaning. The hike was difficult as expected, but the guides made things as painless as possible such as giving us breaks when needed and going at a decent pace. My favorite parts of the experience were seeing the beautiful sunrise at the top and learning about different aspects of the mountain that I would not have known going by myself. Mt. Fuji in Japan is a must and although challenging, you feel a sense of accomplishment reaching the summit. To top it all off, we were treated to a nice onsen afterwards. If you are thinking about going, I would bring enough snacks (they help rejuvenate you and make the hike less miserable), good hiking shoes, warm layers, and around 2 liters of water as well as enough money for the bathroom and food at the top. The guides gave us some gloves, which proved to be crucial as it is very cold and you do need your hands for climbing at some point. I would also consider investing in a hiking stick that you can buy at 5th station; it made the hike MUCH easier for me. All in all, Mt. Fuji was a memorable experience and I am so glad to have had company who made the hike more pleasant!

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2019/07/12
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An Incredible Hiking Experience

Reviewed by: Zach, 2019/07/05

Hiking Mt. Fuji was one of the biggest highlights of my trip to Japan. The excursion was very well organized. The meeting location was easy to find and the trip to the rental shop and mountain were comfortable and reasonably quick. Once reaching the 5th station we were introduced to our guide Ikeda who gave us an hour to prepare for the hike. Ikeda was a terrific guide leading us up the mountain at a safe rate to prevent altitude sickness. Even though most of the hike was in rain it was still a lot of fun. I suggest either bringing proper rain gear or renting it if anyone decides to undertake the hike. Overall this is an experience that I would gladly undertake again.

  • Lucky picture of the sunset after the rain stopped

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2019/07/01
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