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JR Flex Rail Ticket: Tokyo to Hakone Round-Trip Bullet Train Ticket & Coupon

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Fun Hakone Day

Reviewed by: Noli from Florida, 2020/02/13

It was a little confusing to find the office where we had to exchange the vouchers for tickets, and it took more than 30 mins to get them because the lady at the counter had to keep validating something at the back.

But once we got the tickets, it was smooth sailing all the way. Took the 9am'ish bullet train to Hakone, was there in about half an hour, then had to find the office to claim the included bus tickets, which was tucked away in a little office at the back corner and outside of the train station.

There was a nice lady at the bus terminal that gave us the bus schedule - try to get that sheet so you don't spend a lot of time waiting for the bus.

We headed out to Hakone Open Air museum which was SUPER nice and had a lot more artwork on display than expected, had a quick foot bath (bring a little towel so you don't have to buy one, but if you forget you can get one for 1000Y at a vending machine!), a fast lunch, then headed out to Lake ashi for a ferry to the Ropeway, went up the mountain for AMAZING views, but shy Mt Fuji-san was covered in clouds (if you want a chance to see Mt Fuji - make sure you go early, in the afternoon there are already lots of clouds), then we went back towards Yamamoto station for an onsen experience at Hakone Yuryo - once you get past the butt naked embarassment it's sooooooo relaxing!

Then caught the bullet train back home.
Wonderful Hakone day!! Hope to come back adn visit another town soon!

  • ropeway tickets

  • Hakone Open Air museum

  • Hakone Open Air museum

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2020/02/01
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