Watch as the sun sets over the water and the stars or city lights come to life. Sunset cruises allow you to see the scenery both during the day and after dark, a special moment to spend with the ones you love. Book our special cocktail and dinner cruises, and enjoy leisurely sipping your favorite drink while gazing at the dramatic sunset.
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  1. Gaze at the mesmerizing sunset or the captivating night lights of Tokyo and experience the wonders of traditional Japanese theater, all on a cruise along the delightful Tokyo Bay.
    Meal Provided

    From USD50.53

    1.5 - 2 hour(s) (evening)
  2. Gourmet Dining Twilight Cruise on Tokyo Bay
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    Step into a magical time as you enjoy gourmet dining while the shimmering sun sinks into the sea at twilight during your scenic cruise on Tokyo Bay.
    Meal Provided

    From USD48.70

    2.5 hour(s) (afternoon)

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