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Akihabara, the ultimate otaku town, the mecca of anime and manga geeks. VELTRA has a number of tours that Japanophiles will love—visit a maid cafe and discover cool only-in-Japan shops or go on an electronics workshop with a meido (maid) guide, have a customized tour with an otaku guide—whether you're a first-time or return visitor to Tokyo, Akiba is not to be missed.
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    Venture into the heart of Akihabara with your friendly maid guide. Discover spots not covered by guidebooks check out cool only-in-Japan shops and finish your tour with a visit to a maid cafe!
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    Sun, Mon, Fri, Sat
    (morning, evening)
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    Get an in-depth experience of the otaku subculture paradise, Akihabara. See the famous landmarks like Electric Town, then visit a maid cafe or Nadeshiko Sushi, the first all-female sushi bar.
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    2 hour(s) (afternoon)
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    Step into Otaku paradise, Akihabara, to stroll through stores loaded with electronics, games, figures, cosplay goods and have lunch at an actual maid cafe!
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    4 hour(s) (morning)

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