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Tokyo's Top 6 Must-See Shows
Looking for something to do once night falls? Why not check out the variety of entertainment, shows and cabaret theater Tokyo has to offer! From the famous Robot Restaurant to top-notch drag shows, and even cruises with on-board entertainment, experience the best of Tokyo's neon evenings. With so much choice, it can be hard to decide on what to see, so check out our fun-loving staff's recommendations:

1- If you are looking for an over-the-top experience you can only find in Japan, then you are in for an unforgettable night at the Robot Restaurant
2- For a more interactive show, don't miss the Japan tour of Fuerza Bruta, the Argentine post-modern theater sensation
3- An evening of cabaret is a great way to spend an evening in Tokyo, and the performers at Kaguwa will charm you with their energy and grace. Recommended for visitors 18+
4- See the subcultures of Akihabara firsthand at the Alice Project Idol Show. Watching the fans is just as fascinating as the performers!
5- Watch the dazzling drag performers at Black Swan, which has been livening up Shinjuku for over 40 years
6- A great night out for kids and adults alike, hop aboard the Samurai Ship for dinner and a kabuki-inspired show while cruising Tokyo's waterways
  1. Grab your tickets and get ready for the unique live music, dancers, parade of robots and lasers galore! Book now and watch the world-famous show and enjoy a real only-in-Japan experience!

    From USD50.76

    Early Booking
    2.5 hour(s) (afternoon, evening)
  2. Dive into a world of thrill and mystique as you not only watch, but also participate in a show where performers run on walls and do mind-bending stunts. Don't miss the gigantic pool hanging overhead!


    Tue, Thu, Fri
    2 hour(s) (evening)
  3. Watch dramatic dinner theater incorporating decadent entertainment and delicious cuisine, all in a theater lavishly decorated to resemble a Meiji Era entertainment quarter.
    Meal Provided

    From USD50.76

    2 - 2.5 hour(s) (evening, night)
  4. Get ready to experience the explosive energy and power of the idols of Akihabara! There's nothing to compare to a true taste of this subculture at a special live show!

    From USD13.84

    2 - 4.5 hour(s) (afternoon, evening)
  5. Welcome to a glittering, dazzling, occasionally sexy “neo-tavern”, where male, female and new-half dancers perform while you enjoy dinner and drinks.

    From USD43.38

    Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
    1.5 - 2 hour(s) (evening, night)
  6. Gaze at the mesmerizing sunset or the captivating night lights of Tokyo and experience the wonders of traditional Japanese theater, all on a cruise along the delightful Tokyo Bay.
    Meal Provided

    From USD50.76

    1.5 - 2 hour(s) (evening)

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