Two Day Camp and Hike Tour on Mt. Miyanoura and Shiratani Unsuikyo


Let's walk to the top!

Head to the summit of Mt. Miyanoura , the tallest mountain in Kyushu, for a full hike, outdoor camp, and educational fun in the natural beauty of Yakushima.

  • 宮之浦岳縦走12
  • 宮之浦岳縦走2
  • 宮之浦岳縦走13
  • 宮之浦岳縦走20
  • 宮之浦岳縦走17
  • 宮之浦岳縦走9
  • 宮之浦岳縦走5
Aim for the summit of Mt. Miyanoura, with a 1,936m peak, the tallest mountain in Kyushu. On the first day, climb up to the summit and enjoy many highlights such as the clear Yodogo river, Hananoego bog (highland pond), Nageshidaira with a fine view, and so on. We stay overnight at Takazuka mountain cabin, or camp in a tent, before heading for the ancient Jomon Cedar in the quiet morning. Then walk in the forests of Yakushima and climb down through Shiratani Unsuikyo as you make your way back out.
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USD 277.16
USD 277.16
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Adult/Child (Age 10 & over)
USD 277.16
USD 277.16
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  • Inclusion: Insurance fee / Guiding fee
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  • DAY1  
  • 04:00-05:00 Pick-up from your accommodations
  • Day 1 Hike
    宮之浦岳縦走12 Yodogou entry point - Yodogou hut - Hananoego bog - Nageshidaira - Okina Wakare - Mt. Kuriodake - Summit of Mt. Miyanoura - Hiraishi - The second observatory - The first observatory - Shin Takazuka hut
    We do not stop by Mt. Kuromidake.
  • Duration of the first day: 10-12 hours depending on your climbing speed
  • DAY2  
  • Day 2 Hike
    宮之浦岳縦走20 Shin Takazuka hut - Takazuka hut - ancient Jomon cedar - Daiousugi - Wilson's stump - Ookabu trail entrance - Kusugawa Wakare - Tsuji no Iwaya - Tsuji Pass - Kokemusu Mori - Shiratani hut - Swamp walking trail - Satsuki suspension bridge - Shiratani entrance
  • Taikoiwa
    The guide will decide based on group condition whether the tour will head to the top of Taikoiwa or not.
  • Drop-off at requested location
    • Children 10 years old and above can participate in this activity.
Additional Note(s)
    • Guests staying in the Miyanoura and Onoaida area can use our pick up service. If you are staying in a different area, please contact us to check availability.
    • You may go on the tour with guests from other groups.
    • We will let you know the exact meet-up time and tour details once you arrive on Yakushima.
    • Please note that there will be no refunds if the tour content is altered due to weather or traffic conditions.
    • Depending on clothing, physical conditions or if you disturb other guests, the guide may decide to not allow you to join the tour on the day. In this case there will be no refunds.
    • When you participate in a tour, you will automatically be covered by our insurance.

      Maximum coverage:
      Death, Physical impediment: 10,000,000 JPY
      Hospitalization insurance par day: 5,000 JPY
      Going to hospital per day: 3,000 JPY
    • To participate in the Shiratani Unsuikyo trekking, a 300 JPY climbing fee for the mountain association is charged. Please make the payment at the entrance to the climb.
    • Please use a taxi from the Yakusugi Musuem Parking Lot. Taxi fees are each individual's responsibility, and are generally 7,000~8,000 JPY.
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  • Any cancellations made after 19:30 local time, 1 business days prior to the activity will be subject to a charge of 100% of the total amount.
USD 277.16
USD 277.16

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