Yonezawa Silk Drink Coaster Handweaving Lesson in Yonezawa


Make your own drink coasters made of Yonezawa silk fabric colored with natural dyes! Learn the basics of handweaving, great for beginners of all ages.

  • 織④(仕上げ)
  • 織⑤(完成)
  • 完成したシルクコースターとシルクテーブルセンター
  • 手織り体験場
  • 織③(織り)
  • 草木染め絹糸
The Fabric Dyeing Studio Wakuwakukan is located nearby the Uesugi family mausoleum. The studio has lessons in handweaving and safflower dyeing, a gallery of kimono made of Yonezawa silk and a charming little cafe. The Yonezawa method of silk fabric production blossomed during the middle of the Edo period. The characteristic of Yonezawa fabric is "kusakizome," using natural plant dyes to create delicate shades of color.
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USD 19.88
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Adult/Child (Age 10 & over)
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USD 19.88
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  • 10:00 Meet at Waku Waku Kan
  • Start your handweaving lesson! (30 ~ 40 mins)
    You will create two 100% silk drink coasters (10cm by 10cm)
  • Choose the thread
    織①(糸を選ぶ) Choose your favorite thread from a plethora of lovely colors.
  • Preparation
    織②(準備) Attach the weft thread to a shuttle.
  • Weaving
    織③(織り) Create patterns using your chosen thread colors, under the careful watch of our instructors.
  • Done!
    織④(仕上げ) Once you are done weaving our staff will remove your coasters from the loom and tie them off.
  • Experience Ends at Waku Waku Kan
    • Children in the 5th grade (whose legs can reach the loom pedals) and older may participate.
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    • The studio is closed on Wednesday, as well as Sunday and national holidays from December to March.
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    • You can book a maximum of 8.
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USD 19.88
USD 19.88

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