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All Reviews for Mountain Activities in Yamanashi

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Forest and Cave Exploration Adventure near Mt. Fuji

Great summer vacation memories for my kid! Awesome for me too!!

Reviewed by: Izumin, 2015/07/22

I attended with my son in second grade. I was a little worried because my son was the only child among the 11 participants, but our guide was with us the entire time so I was able to attend comfortably.

Aokigahara Forest
Green moss covered the hardened lava surface and trees extended toward the skies, which filled the area with a spiritual feel. It almost felt like I was in the world of "Totoro". Our guide explained the very interesting history of Mt.Fuji and the sea of trees. (Looked like my son understood too.)

Lava Cave Expedition
We descended into a wide open cave in the forest. It was the middle of summer, but once I stepped in, the temperature suddenly dropped. We went down about 10 meters from the entrance and experienced the world of ice and darkness. It was a continuous stream of surprises, but I won't ruin the experience for you. It's a pretty tough course, so I recommend you to participate with shoes suited for sports to prevent slipping. Also, if you drop your camera or cellphone, there is a chance you'll never find it again. The guide will take photos too, so you can attend empty handed.

Our guide, Mr."Utaemon" was very helpful. Thank you very much. My son wrote a summer journal entry about his experience in the cave with Mr.Utaemon.

<Translated by>

  • The forest had a spiritual feeling to the air.

  • At the entrance to the cave.

  • In front of some of the countless icicles

Attended as: Families with Young Children
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Forest and Cave Exploration Adventure near Mt. Fuji

Best we've ever done!

Reviewed by: Nancy and Yaso, 2016/05/03

We had Tada for our tour guide. He has a great personality and was really entertaining as well as professional during the tour. We had 2 kids with us (14 and 7) and he was super patient bringing us through the cave safely.
By the end of the tour, the 7 year old loved this day trip better than Disneyland!!
It is definitely an adventure though, so don't expect boardwalks and steel railings on this trip. Just rocks and ice, a real underground experience!

The only thing I'd like to see is a hotel pick up service for guests in the Fujikawaguchiko area. It was only a 10 minute drive, but it would have been simpler than finding a taxi to take us.

AMAZING TRIP, it made our stay in Fuji unforgettable!

Attended as: Families
Activity Date: 2016/04/26
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Aokigahara Forest Trek and Ice Cave Adventure near Mt. Fuji

Amazing experience!

Reviewed by: Ariel, 2019/04/01

We had such a good time trekking through the forest and cave. Our guide, Tada was really knowledgeable of the history of the forest and the cave we explored. He shared a lot of really cool information throughout the day, made sure we had a great time, took pictures for us and did a great job keeping us safe while in the cave. The cave was quite cold and slick inside so I would recommend wearing good shoes and warm clothes. If your hands get cold easily I would bring your own pair of gloves to wear under the pair that was provided. That’s what I did and I was grateful for it. This was definitely a highlight of our trip and I would recommend it.

Attended as: Couples
Activity Date: 2019/03/28
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Aokigahara Forest Trek and Ice Cave Adventure near Mt. Fuji

Mt Fuji Fun

Reviewed by: Alexandra , 2019/04/10

This trek was amazing. Our guide was so knowledgeable of the area and its history and shared personal stories that helped us to really feel familiar with the place. The ice caves were beautiful. I have never done anything like this and it was so fun. I highly recommend this as a Mt Fuji activity. Make sure you wear layers because it gets chilly inside!

Attended as: Couples
Activity Date: 2019/04/08
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