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DMZ, JSA and 3rd Tunnel Tour from Seoul (Tuesday to Friday)

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Reviewed by: Simon and Aana, 2017/11/07

My partner and I were really stoked to get a spot on this tour as we only booked 3 days in advance. While it took a few Google searches to find, this shouldn't be counted against the company. They are one of only a handful of companies authorised to go to the JSA, which is great since you don't need to switch operators midway through a DMZ/JSA tour. Our guide was lovely and she had a great knowledge of the history surrounding the Korean war. Lunch was great and catered to vegetarians. Bus was very comfortable with reclining seats etc. 11/10 would recommend.

  • View from Dora Observatory into NK

Reply from activity provider

Thank you for good reputation. We remember every tourists had a very good attitude, we had a great time for the tour, also we want to say you are lucky, JSA tour has cancelled today, because the very special may go these area, 90 people booked on 8 November can not go there, anyway, we hope to see you again. See you.

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Activity Date:2017/11/03
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JSA Great! 3rd tunnel not really required...

Reviewed by: Geoff, 2014/11/12

The 3rd tunnel part of the tour (from about 8.30-1.40pm) is not really necessary in my opinion as the tunnel section of the tour is not that long itself and pretty much just consists of walking down a tunnel section straining your neck/back the whole time because of how low the tunnel roof is. There is a cool part of the tour where they show a short video on the history of the DMZ though.

The JSA part of the tour is great however! The tour guide who ran it was quite firm but for good reason as it is definitely not something to joke around with (you actually pretty much go to the border and see North Korean soldiers). This is a good chance to take photos but really the thing that will remain with you is the memory of being at such an initimidating location.

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Activity Date:2014/11/04
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Getting nervous going to the border (front-line) .

Reviewed by: tiankou, 2014/05/14

The place called Panmunjeom is where we've seen in the schoolbook and the news. ""A truce agreement"" between the Republic of Korea and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea was arranged there at the talk ground on the 38th parallel border that has been kept till now.

…It is a formal story, but it has become a sightseeing spot now ... when one visits other nearby areas than the Panmunjeom border, one sees shops, stalls, restaurants, and stands…surely all for sight seeing pleasure.

And yet, the feeling remains that it is never permitted to act alone outside group, absolutely never, in visiting Panmunjeom.

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