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Valmont V Spa Treatments and Massages in Myeongdong

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Reviewed by: Lily, 2016/12/20

The location was very elegant and the style of the room was luxurious too. The treatment was also well done and felt great.
This time I went for a body treatment but next time I'd like to try the facial.

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VIP Treatment at a Luxury Spa

Reviewed by: aya, 2016/12/20

I booked the facial using luxury brand products. Since the spa is on the 10th floor of Lotte Department Store Avenuel (a building with a Chanel boutique), you really get the feeling of luxury and relaxation. As soon as I entered, the staff guided me to where I needed to go.

After changing my slippers, I was offered some herb tea and wondered if there was going to be some kind of consultation before the treatment. But I was just led into a different room soon after. In that room, I changed into shorts used for the esthe treatment. I was wondering why since I had chosen a facial, but after removing my makeup, I had the foot scrub, leg, back and shoulder massage! The massages felt great and even though I was only expecting a facial, I felt like all my tiredness from traveling was taken away.

I had a lot of stiffness in my shoulders and dryness on my skin, so the staff explained what they were doing during the massage, which was great. The person in charge who was explaining was Korean but I was able to understand the explanation and find what cosmetics best suited my skin. It also seems like they have a lot of VIP customers come to the spa thanks to its high-class location and the customer service and treatments were great.

The 90-minute course was over before I knew it. My skin felt smooth and I was offered some herbal tea. The room has a brush and hair dryer but it would have been nice to have a place to re-do makeup.
But I definitely recommend this spa to anyone looking for a luxurious treatment.

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  • Treatment room

  • Treatment room

  • Lineup of all the products

  • On the 10th floor of the same building as the Chanel boutique

  • Consultation room

  • Space for makeup in the treatment room

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This Was Great!

Reviewed by: Michiko, 2016/12/19

I've visited Korea many times but this was my first time getting a real esthe and facial treatment.
I went with a friend and the lymph treatment was a bit different from what we expected and draining them hurt a little bit. After that was completely finished, it was time for the facial and decolletage treatment which felt really nice and relaxing.
Then, the foot treatment which was really refreshing!

My friend and I were both very happy with our treatments. I felt like my jawline looked sharper and she was happy with the results of her body wrap.
After the treatment, the staff guide you to the waiting room. The waiting room was very clean and relaxing feeling, and I was able to relax while reading magazines and having tea and nuts.
Because it is in a location directly connected to the Lotte Department Store, you can enjoy shopping and meals after finishing your cup of tea at the spa. I had a really great time!

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Esthe in the Heart of Myeongdong

Reviewed by: Ohana-chan, 2016/12/19

My friend and I made a reservation for the same time, but due to a plane delay, I arrived alone and my friend came later. Even though we couldn't initially communicate, I was able to adapt and comfortably enjoyed my experience.

The spa was very beautiful and classy. The massage techniques were different from what I was used to and the Korean-style massage felt great.

The drink and dried fruit and nuts I had before and after the treatment were refreshing too.
I chose a facial treatment, but a little bit of whole body treatment was included too. Both my face and body still felt refreshed the next.
There were many Valmont products in the store and it was possible to purchase them as well. There are Valmont stores in Japan, but it seems buying them in Korea is cheaper.

However, at the time I came, there was no staff who could communicate in Japanese. English and Korean were ok. Because I am not good at English and I do not understand Korean at all, I felt a little nervous explaining my friend's situation this time.
But the techniques, spa atmosphere and support from the staff were all great and I would like to go back when I visit Korea again.

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