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Seek Inner Peace: Traditional Korean Temple Stays
Leave Seoul to experience the monastic life in Korea's historic Buddhist temples. With their mountainous locations, these temple stays offer a holistic spiritual retreat as you escape to nature and seeking the quiet of temple living. Join the resident monks in their meditations and different activities such as tea ceremonies. Stay in temples such as Geumsunsa Temple, Jeondeungsa Temple, and the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Haeinsa Temple.
Tip: Even foreigners are welcome to stay in these revered temples but there are a few reminders to keep in mind. Temple stay visitors must dress modestly, bring luggage that they can personally carry and respect the monks and their way of life. Public displays and any activities that might disrupt the serenity of the sanctuary must be avoided.

Besides overnight temple stays, half-day or full day weekday programs are also available. Convenient transfers from Seoul are included.