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Top 10 Things to Do in Taipei
Taipei has much to offer for first-timers and frequent visitors. City sightseers will enjoy a vibrant metropolis dominated by the Taipei 101 tower while culture seekers may admire the intricate Chinese temples and the imperial treasures of the National Palace Museum. Foodtrippers have much to devour with colorful night markets boasting a world-renowned street food scene. Nature lovers can frolic in Taiwan's national parks from the colossal gorges of Taroko to the lush hills of Yangmingshan Park.
Discover Taipei's top 10 things to do!
1. Go on an excursion to the marble canyons of Taroko Gorge National Park in Hualien.
2. Float a sky lantern in Pingxi and see the old streets of the New Taipei district.
3. Get spirited away to the mountainside Jiufen village famous for its resemblance to an otherworldly place in a Hayao Miyazaki movie.
4. Have a yummy dumpling dinner at the world-renowned Michelin-acclaimed Din Tai Fung restaurant.
5. Explore Taipei's vibrant night markets like Shilin, Huaxi, Ningxia and Nanjichang, all street food meccas at their own right.
6. Check out the National Palace Museum and see hundreds and thousands of imperial Chinese artifacts from the dynastic eras.
7. See the bounties of nature at the Yangmingshan National Park and enjoy a Taiwanese hot springs experience.
8. Visit Taipei 101 in Xinyi, still one of the world's tallest buildings that provides unobstructed views of the city.
9. Marvel at the mushroom rock formations of Yehliu Geopark, including the famous Queen's Head which is said to resemble the profile of Queen Elizabeth I.
10. Peer into Taipei's cultural past and traditions with visits to intricate Fujian-style temples such as the Confucius Temple and the adjacent Baoan Temple.

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