Vienna City Sightseeing Tour including Schoenbrunn Palace Entry

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Brief intro to the city, in fact too brief, not fun.

Reviewed by: A. Lee, 2015/07/13

Being picked up at the hotel. Love the pick-up service, brilliant and convenient! Changed bus for your own language after arrived a large bus stop. Unfortunately, the tour guide of English and French was not friendly at all (monotone!). Seems like he hates his job, everything is memorized by script, and not willing to elaborate more about my questions. If he was willing to throw some fun facts out there, that would helped a lot for me to enjoy the tour. The bus went thru the city very quick without stopping, and again his intro of the city was dull and lack of interest. 1st stop was the palace. Very grand and the cafe was a good place to enjoy a cup of viennese coffee and have a pastry before you start the tour. Quick tour in the palace, very packed, again no time for you to enjoy the design of the palace. The tour guide said something about the view of the garden, but the windows were shut, could not even looked thru the window, ridiculous! The whole tour was quite rush. Hope it could slow down and let the tourists enjoy this beautiful city more! And instead of tell us the style of the architectures, tell us the history behind them! For instance, why neo-renaissance, why neo-barque? How did these genre being developed in Vienna? etc.

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Activity Date:2015/07/04
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Reviewed by: PHILIPPE, 2015/05/18

After pick up from the hotel,It was very easy , the driver who picked me was very kind we go for a transfer to the meeting point for a big bus with air con, then we start our visit on time. The tourist guide waited for us , she was bilingual, English end French speaking.. so nice to hear both explanation.She did a professional job.. many stories and exact explanations during the tour. She was very easy to understand.It was my first time I went for a tour, The tour began with visiting the main monuments and museum and other principal old specific attractions around the city. All this by bus with air co.The guide was so interesting and explained everything on the way and the driver was driving slowly, so we had time and It was able to take pictures.
After , mainly 45 minutes visiting we arrived at the Schoenbrunn Palace.
From the outside, its look very simple but the interiors are simply gorgeous. And the gardens are so beautiful
So We entered in the palace, we got headset to hear the explanations of our guide .
She explain so many details , room after room.the life of The House of Habsburg monarchy who was one of the most important royal houses of Europe.
Maria Theresa-Franz Joseph- and many others
it's not possible to remember all of them , but the palace reflects Maria Teresa's way of living. Then after the Palace we went to the Belvedere.The Belvedere is a historic building complex in Vienna, consisting of two Baroque palaces (the Upper and Lower Belvedere), the Orangery, and the Palace Stables. The building himself is very nice.
We stopped there , just the time for exterior photos.Then we went to our final destination : The OPERA. the Vienna State OPERA , dating back to the mid-19th century. It is located in the center of Vienna, REALLY, REALLY for the price who is not very expensive,
I learned a lot with this guided tour otherwise I would have missed a large part of the history of Austria and the the Habsburg Monarchy.

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Activity Date:2015/05/12
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Reviewed by: Anonymous, 2015/02/18

After pick up from the hotel, we had to change the bus at the Opera, then again at Vienna Southern Station and where the tour started.
It was the first time I went on an English tour, but the guide was easy to understand. The tour around the city was by bus.
The guide was polite and explained everything on the way and the driver was driving very slowly, so the timing was goos and I was able to take some pictures.
Schoenbrunn Palace looks very simple from the outside, but the interiors are simply gorgeous. We entered many rooms and it's not possible to remember them all, but the palace reflects Maria Teresa's way of living. It was very interesting to see simple exteriors and impressive interiors.
Most of other tourists were Europeans, and I felt international atmosphere.
The price is not very expensive, you get to see the UNESCO site with a guide so I think it's a good value for money.

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