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France Attractions That Should Be UNESCO Heritage Sites
France is best known for the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum, but the country is more than its Parisian icons. With countless of stunning natural wonders and history-defining monuments, there's never a shortage of sights to see and explore at the largest nation in the European Union. See these historic areas and mesmerizing gems that haven't received the honor of being a UNESCO World Heritage site, yet.
1. Normandy D-Day Beaches - The campaign to list Normandy landing beaches as a heritage site started in 2006. While it's yet to receive the honor, travelers and history buffs can still explore the well-preserved historic area on a day trip from Paris.
2. Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte - With manicured lawns and classical architecture, Vaux le Vicomte looks like it's a part of the famed Loire Valley castles. Unlike its Central France counterparts, the château is not a UNESCO World Heritage site, although it's been shortlisted since 1996.
3. Port of Marseille - Like many UNESCO sites, Marseille combines history and scenery. Because of its strategic location, the port city has a colorful history dating back thousands of years ago. Marseille also offers striking vistas and delicious delicacies.
4. Rouen - Rouen has gained the nickname of museum town due to its multiple storied sites and role in French history. From Joan of Arc's prison to Henry V's takeover, the port city has innumerable stories you can uncover.
5. Vanoise National Park - While France may be famous for its manmade monuments, the country also boasts breathtaking natural sites. Among them is the Parc National de la Vanoise which not only offers hiking and biking activities but also postcard-worthy mountain views.
6. Caves in the South of France - The French government has taken the first step in making this group of captivating caves a UNESCO World Heritage site. Possessing chandelier-like concretions, the South of France's 19 cavities offer a visual experience like no other.
7. Villages of the Dordogne - With medieval homes and even a castle lining its tranquil river, the Dordogne Villages make a pretty picture no modern building can duplicate. The enchanting vista is best appreciated with a relaxing cruise through along the waters.
8. Claude Monet's Giverny Gardens and Home - As the brainchild of an illustrious painter, the Giverny Monet Garden is a tremendous work of art. The site was nominated to become a heritage site in 2017, but it's yet to get the listing. In the meantime, feel like you're inside a painting with a stroll through its vibrant gardens with water lilies and colorful flowers around.
9. Nice - As the capital of the French Riviera, Nice is a mecca for travelers and artists alike. With a magnificent seaside panorama and sunny climate, Nice-Côte d'Azur is a traveler's paradise.
10. Port-Cros National Park - Encompassing a few islands in the south of France, Port-Cros National Park is a Mediterranean masterpiece. As Europe's first land and water park, it offers aquatic and mountain adventures as well as awe-inspiring views.