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Unforgettable Night Show in Paris

Reviewed by: Anonymous, 2015/10/02

The price was not cheap, so I hesitated, but finally decided to go.
An I'm so glad I did!
It was an amazing show. Even though the dancers were topless it didn't feel dirty or inappropriate.
I highly recommend it to both men and women!

Don't hesitate, you won't regret your money spent!
I will definitely go again, if I'm back in Paris.

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Amazing Evening in Paris!

Reviewed by: Hamate, 2015/10/02

It was our first time in Paris and we really wanted to see some night show. We arrived at the venue at 19:30 and the show started at 20:30. I wasn't sure what to wear, so I just decided on a simple black dress. Other women all looked quite formal, but many men wore more casual clothes. At the beginning they would take a picture of you that you could purchase after the show. You can also order a drink, but it's not required. We were sitting in the second row and had perfect view. It was a nude show, but it was not offensive, quite the opposite, I think it was really artistic. On the next day we went to see Moulin Rouge, and it was a completely different atmosphere.
I would love to see it again! It's a must see when you are in Paris.

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Reviewed by: Ivan Mernenko, 2015/09/14

I did not expect the show to be so great. Girls did an amazing job. It was sexy and elegant at the same time. It was nothing like was i expected! for me it was the first time i attended a show like Crazy Horse, and i was expecting to see something dirty and inappropriate, but it was nothing like it. We purchased a bottle of champagne for a very reasonable price and enjoyed the show from the start until the end. There is a 10 minute break half way through the show, you can go the store downstairs to purchase a souvenir. If you're in Paris and looking for something to do at night i recommend the Crazy Horse Cabaret Show, it's worth the money and will definitely keep you entertained

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Activity Date:2015/09/10
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