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Activity location: Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Berlin
Last updated: 2015/01/07
  1. The River Rhine is a significant presence in the life of modern Germany as well as within its past. Enjoy this private tour and feel the history of the surrounding landscape.
    Pick-up Provided

    From USD563.52

    8 hour(s) (morning, afternoon)
  2. In addition to the Cathedral, Cologne is dotted with a number of art galleries and museums, great stores and beautiful buildings. Enjoy this architecturally impressive city by private car!
    English Available
    Pick-up Provided

    From USD474.80

    2 hour(s) (morning, afternoon, evening)
  3. After a long flight the last thing you want to do is struggle with luggage or unreliable transport. Enjoy a smooth journey to and from the airport and save up to 60% compared to taking a taxi!
    Pick-up Provided

    From USD92.31

    (morning, afternoon, evening, night)