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Capri Island
Near Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast lies the popular holiday island of Capri, loved by holidaymakers both local and foreign. For a cosmopolitan vibe, glitzy nightlife and luxury shopping, visit the town of Capri. For a more tranquil, serene and laidback atmosphere, visit the town of Anacapri and see the famous Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra). Book a convenient trip to the island and discover for yourself why it has been a favorite of the rich, famous and powerful for centuries.
💡 Did you know?
☼ Capri's picturesque aquamarine waters and arresting views have long been a favorite of emperors and billionaires—Caesar Augustus is said to have liked the island so much and Tiberius ruled his empire from Capri during his last few years of reign!
☼ The island gets especially busy in the summer months of July and August, welcoming a whopping average of 20,000 tourists per day!
☼ Capri pants got their name from the island where they rose to popularity from in the late 1950s.
☼ Buses between the main towns of Capri and Anacapri run every 15 minutes and only take around 10 minutes per trip.
☼ The months of May, September and October draw fewer crowds and milder temperature, but it is still generally warm enough to swim.
☼ Make sure you try some delicious traditional dishes - caprese salad (basil leaves, tomatoes and mozzarella), ravioli caprese (dumpling-like pasta filled with marjoram, caciotta and parmesan cheese) and torta caprese (chocolate and almond or walnut flourless cake). Don't forget to sample some limoncello (local lemon liqueur), too!