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Medici Family Behind the Scenes: Theatrical Show and Tuscan Dinner in Florence


Learn all about the history of Medici Family and enjoy an unique multimedia show through 300 years of history of Florence. After the show enjoy a traditional Tuscan dinner in the heart of Florence.

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  • medicidynasty universal judgement
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  • medicidynasty universal judgement
  • medicidynasty universal judgement
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This activity is not available to book at this time.
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  • 19:00 Check-in
  • The Medici Behind the Scenes Performance begins
    medicidynasty universal judgement A multi-medial theatre performance, that skilfully blends history with modern technology. The show covers all aspects of the history of Florence and Medici dynasty: art, love and courtship, betrayal, conspiracy, war and papacy.
  • Learn about the Medici Family
    medicidynasty universal judgement From Lorenzo the Magnificent and the 'Signora', to Savonarola and his political and religious dictatorship and writing the famous 'pact' and the departure of Anna Maria Luisa - over 300 years of history will be re-enacted right in front of your eyes.
  • Enjoy a delicious Tuscan Dinner
    2013-02-12_121923 After the show you will end your evening with a delicious Tuscan dinner in a historic restaurant in the heart of the Mediciean district.
  • 22:00 Check-out
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You can see the impact of the Medici family everywhere in Florence, but this show puts everything into context! The show is performed by the last remaining Medicis and tells the story of their final (...more
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