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Celebrate the Life and Genius of Leonardo da Vinci
Nearly 500 years after his death, Leonardo da Vinci still remains the most well-known Renaissance Man. A jack of all trades, his masterful combination of art with math and science gave birth to plenty of inventions. As an artist, his masterpieces such as the Last Supper, Mona Lisa, and the Vitruvian Man, remain religious and cultural icons to this day. Discover the life and works of The Master, fall in love with his brilliance, and decode his genius with our top picks.
A polymath, master draftsman, artist, inventor and more, Leonardo da Vinci was born in 1452 in the Tuscan Town of Vinci, and died in 1519 - making 2019 his 500th death anniversary. The city of Milan, where he spent his most fruitful and creative period, is preparing to celebrate the life and works of one of the world's most well-known geniuses with a program of initiatives and exhibitions for nine months from May 2019 to January 2020. Don't miss out!