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Naples and Pompeii Ruins Tour from Rome with Neapolitan Pizza Lunch

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4.224.22 / 5


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Busy day of travel and sightseeing! Naples today and ancient history combine for a very interesting day!

Reviewed by: Jeff & Nancy, 2018/06/09

The day was well organized. We had a little difficulty understanding the "English" guide on the bus. The tour guide for Naples and Pompeii was easier to understand.

The restaurant in Naples was great and the food delicious! We saw as much of downtown Naples as time would allow, however, some time was spent at an outlet mall which we had not been informed was on the tour. It was beautiful, but we were not prepared to shop.

Pompeii was fantastic - a step back in time. Our guide was very knowledgeable and informative. She did a great job of keeping us together!

All in all, a beautiful day of sightseeing.

  • Amazingly preserved theatre in Pompeii.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2018/04/26
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Poor overall communication but Transportation issues solved nicely at trip's end

Reviewed by: Danny, Lancaster, PA, 2018/05/07

The Italian tour manager on the road trip from Rome to Naples was required to speak both Spanish and English. Unfortunately, it was difficult to when he was switching from Spanish to English from his prominent Italian accent. Luckily, there was little we needed to hear or understand until the bus stopped in Naples.

While walking Naples, the local tour guide was usually so far ahead of the group that the ear phone speaker system failed our of range for much of the tour. When we had the opportunity to be near the local guide, I was impressed with his overall knowledge of the history of Naples.

The Naples Pizza Lunch was extraordinary. Much more than Pizza.

Was disappointed thay we had to walk through an expensive sales room before leaving Naples. Likewise, we were directed through another sales room upon oru arrival at Pompeii. Almost a half hour of our Pompeii tour time.

The local guide was very knowledgeable and when we could hear offered a good history of Pompeii. Once again. however, the guide was suually so far ahead of the crowd that the speakers were too often out of range.

I bought a book on Pompeii when we arrived home. Hopefully it will help me identify some of the pictures we took in Wonderful Pompeii.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2018/04/14
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A knowledgeable journey

Reviewed by: PP NG, 2018/03/20

The tourist guide is well experience with good knowledge of historical background. Lunch in the restaurant is fair. Overall the tour is worthy to join.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2018/02/21
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Pompeii was amazing

Reviewed by: Irene, 2017/11/18

Pompeii was the highlight of the day for us, a must see!
The tour in the centre of Naples was quite short and the lunch was very simple (starter also not very tasty), so that was a bit disappointing.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2017/11/15
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Amazing tour with amazing guide

Reviewed by: EJgooooo, 2017/10/07

We joined this group tour for Naples and Pompeii tour and had blessed time.
Weather was gorgeous and whole tour was fantastic.
Our tour guide had so much knowledge on every piece of Naples and Pompeii that we learned so much about it.
I wish that we had more options at lunch place but food was okay.
Hope everybody join this tour so you can learn so much about Naples and Pompeii.
Thank you!

Attended as:Families
Activity Date:2017/09/24
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Very good guide at Pompeii!!

Reviewed by: Sukiclau, 2017/09/29

Stop at a store interesting, great coffee but pretty expensive products

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2017/09/27
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Amazing and highly recommended

Reviewed by: Suchada, 2017/09/20

We had an amazing time and the tour was so great. The pick up and drop off service is outstanding and is a big YES for most of the people who attended the tour. The coach was very comfortable. We got to see Naples and had very good lunch which included in the tour. Then Pompeii is a must for anyone who love history. Our guide "Bruno" was superb, very knowledgeable and friendly.
We highly recommend this Day Trip for anyone that visiting Rome. The whole experience was fabulous. It wouldn't be this easy, relax, informative and enjoyable if we went by ourselves.

Thank you so much!!

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2017/09/18
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Reviewed by: Adam, 2017/06/26

Lovely tour of Naples, the Pompeii was was out of this world, words can't describe the place.

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Reviewed by: DAVID, 2017/04/10

Would have been nice to have some free time to wander around Pompeii on our own, that said the Tour Guide was very knowledgeable and personable.

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