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Anne Frank in Amsterdam Private Walking Tour


Walk in the footsteps of Anne Frank on the private tour of the area where she spent her childhood from when she moved to Amsterdam until she went into hiding and hear the story about her diary.

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This activity is not available to book at this time.
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Starting time: 09:30 11:30 14:00 16:00
  • 09:30 Meet your guide
  • The story of Anne Frank
    Anne_Frank_M01 The story of Anne Frank is known around the world because of her diary describing the period that she, her family, and 4 others spent in a secret and hidden annex hiding from Amsterdam’s German occupiers.
  • Her life
    Less known is Anne Franks life as a young kid that moved from Germany to Amsterdam. Her father feared Nazi Germany and took his family to Amsterdam, where he hoped they would be safe from Hitler. They arrived in 1934 and settled in a house on the square Merwedeplein.
  • Diary
    Anne See where Anne Frank went to school and the shop where she bought het famous diary. Explore the area where she played outside and discover the house where Miep Gies lived for many years. Miep Gies is the woman that handed the diary over to Otto Frank after the war.
  • Publishing the diary
    Otto Frank was reluctant to publish the diary, but when he read in the diary that it was his daughter’s wish to have it published, he allowed the book to become public in June 1947.
  • The tour
    The tour takes place in the south of Amsterdam, where you will have the opportunity to become acquainted with an area of the city that you would otherwise likely not see. This area was build in the 1920-30ties and was based on revolutionary ideas of city planning, architecture and social housing.
  • 11:30 End of the tour
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