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Girona Guided Walking Tour from Barcelona

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Outstanding tour for half day to Girona

Reviewed by: Albert, 2017/10/07

Had a great experience with the tour. The tour guide was wonderful and knowledgeable. I book this tour the night before the tour with ease. Highly recommended !!

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Activity Date:2017/09/29
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Reviewed by: Maria, 2017/09/25

very knowledgeable tour guide!

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Reviewed by: wann, 2017/05/20

The medium tour bus departed promptly at 8:15 a.m. with 21 tour members. Our tour guide Anna was very organized and efficient. Her management of time was excellent. The driver, Augustine, was to be commended. He followed the tour group on his own from start to finish, staying behinnd the group to make sure nobody got behind or lost. We had a perfectly delightful lunch at the main square before heading to the tour bus. The toilet facilities at the parking place was very convenient for tour members both at the beginning and at the end of the tour. The tour returned at 2:15 p.m. as scheduled.
My wife and I, along with many others were very delighted, satisfied and enjoyed thoroughly this morning half day tour.
Well done City Discovery!

Our guided tour took us to the following sites all with both historical and architectural significiance.
Once crossed the bridge, we immediately faced the front of the Cathedral. There were 86 steep step to climb to the main front door. For those people who did not want to climb the steps, the Guide offered an alternative path, a less steep path where tour members walked around the building.
The Wall was an important military construction first built by the Romansduring the 1st Century b.c. We saw a small section of the Roman wall pointed out by the Guide. One could see the wall degraded and altered from inside and outside over the centuries. The wall and lookout towers could be observed in the north of the old own.

One is the 14th Century gothic style and the other is the early Romanesque style.

THE ARABS BATH: This Roman bath site was only pointed to us by the Guide. We did not get in because there was fee required for admission. One recommendation to the tour designer: Increase the tour price to include entry to the Arab Baths.Reason: It is impractical or impossible to any one to came back and visit. The layout of this old town is such that a come back visit is not possible with the help of a Guide.

There were very few that remained to be seen by the visitors for the historically important heritage.

These picturesque houses overlooking the river Onyar and the brieges provide the visitors a post card like unforgettable image of the medieval town.

Girona is located in the hears of the Catalonia country. It is rich in its well kept medieval heritage, characterized by the influences of the Romans, the Arabs, the Jews and even the invasion of Napoleon in the early 19th century.
Girona has an easy access to the Costa Brsva, the popular tourist attraction. Girona is a very beautiful city with a post card review. it is a medieval townn well worth the visit. The whole old town can easily be made on foot and only on foot.
A half day tour accompanied by a competent tour guide makes a perfect way of a well spent day for a foreign visitor to Barcelona.
Many tour operators combine Girona Tour with one or two others to make a long day tour. This writer feels that the beauty and the rich cultuural and medieval heritage of Girona deserves a tour by itself to fully enjoy the richness of Girona.
People visit the Montserrat Monastery for its religious inspiration and its natural beauty. People visit Girona for its post card like beauty and its well kept medieval heritage. Both a must day trip from Barcelona.

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