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Barcelona Palacio del Flamenco Show with Sangria

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4.884.88 / 5


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Very Nice Show

Reviewed by: QTlvr, 2019/03/20

This show was pretty nice. Just enough to get you the experience you're looking for.

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2019/03/17
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Captivating show!!!

Reviewed by: Elodie Esteves, 2018/03/28

I was so glad to experience a real Flamenco Show while in Barcelona. I loved it, I could not have spend my evening a better way! El Palacio del Flamenco is modern and very easy to access. The short masterclass before the show was fun and interesting because you get to realize how hard Flamenco can be just by trying to clap your hands and stamp our feet together. The show itself was just fantastic. Olé to the all the artists on stage that performed with such passion!

Attended as:Couples
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Reviewed by: IOANNA ELENI, 2017/09/29

Palacio del Flamenco is located at 139 Carrer de Balmes. The theater is centrally located and you can access it from anywhere in Barcelona. We walked 15 minutes from our hotel and we arrived at the theater. There was a 30 minutes flamenco experience before the show. Two dancers, one male and one female, demonstrated on an elevated stage the basic steps of flamenco and the basic clapping. The dancers asked active participation from the guests. Many of the guests enjoyed and took part actively in the activity.
The show we saw was Flamenco Gypsy at 20:20, which emphasized at the traditional gypsy type of flamenco. The show can be preceded by dinner but we took the show with a drink only. The theater has two floors. The first floor is for dinner and the second floor is for drink. We had a great view from our seats of the second floor. For drink you had to choose between juice and sangria. We chose sangria as it is famous Spanish drink. There were six musicians, guitarists and singers and five dancers. One of the musicians was giving the beat with his hands. The singers were very impressive. All the dancers were very talented and performed with a lot of passion. The costumes were also very nice. The show was a non-stop entertainment for an hour. This was the first time that we went to see a flamenco show and we found it very entertaining. We would certainly recommend it.

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Reviewed by: Elena, 2017/08/11

We had a great dinner and saw a wonderful flamenco show at Palacio del Flamenco theatre located in downtown Barcelona. Palacio del Flamenco offers three different shows in the evenings, (1, flamenco and ole; 2, the bajano gypsy and 3, flamenco passion) . We opted for the latest show the Flamenco Passion and it did not disappoint, with more than 15 artists performing on stage "Cantaores" (singers), "bailaores" (dancers), as well as several guitar players and other musicians were present. They all gave an incredible performance, the male and female dancers were top notch. You could see the perspiration on their faces and bodies.. as they gave it all they had, so impressive. The duration of the show was a solid hour long, with each of the dancers highlighted and danced to the live music and singing. As entertaining as the flamenco passion show was, the food was equally tasty... We were quite impressed with the quality and also with the portion of the meals... and of course the cava and sangria we enjoyed were both delicious. I would recommend this avenue for a wonderful evening and Flamenco show experience. A must do!!!

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Reviewed by: Francesca, 2017/07/12

Our experience at the Flamenco Show performed at Palacio del Flamenco was definitely a positive one, and one that I would recommend. In reality, it offered more than we expected, and my family and I were pleasantly caught by surprise. We arrived at the location, believing we would be treated to a showcase of Flamenco, the typical gypsy dance from Andalucía, and to a drink to top the evening off. Instead, we gladly received more treats! First and foremost, we were welcomed into a multi-media room that showed authentic videos related to Flamenco and its history, as well as interviews with Flamenco masters. Then, two Flamenco dancers entered the room, and provided the audience with a brief overview of the dance and its key elements. This gave everyone an opportunity to learn that Flamenco lives through its steps, claps, and music. Even the music has many layers to it. We may be aware of the classical guitar being its pillar, but the percussions are essential as well. The dancers were excellent in illustrating all of those elements, without overwhelming the audience with too much of a technical explanation. Later, the two dancers guided the audience into a simple demonstration of the steps and the claps. Everyone participated- adults and children alike. The steps and the claps were simple enough to be reproduced by everyone, which made the crowd happy and proud. Providing these pre-show elements was definitely a fantastic idea. Being aware of what you are about to enjoy is important to fully appreciate it. Perhaps, many people in the audience had never heard of Flamenco before, and I am sure they benefited greatly from this pre-show experience. I felt like it helped me as well, even though I have experienced Flamenco before. It refreshed my memory on some of its key elements and put me in the mood of wanting more, teaching me steps and claps as in a real lesson. After this pre-show experience, we were all guided to our seats into what seemed to be a very authentic setting. There were tables and chairs right by the stage for those who preferred to have a meal during the performance. However, we sat upstairs by a bar, since we had chosen to have only a drink, and eat dinner later. We are used to eating later in the evening, and the 6:30 time slot was perfect for a pre-dinner drink. My mother and I were served red sangria, and my children were served soda. The service was good, and the sangria wasn’t bad at all, especially considering that it had to be made in huge amounts. It seemed fresh, chilled, and garnished with fruit of quality. Luckily, we could see very well from upstairs as well. The show was an hour in length, but time does fly when you have fun! Like I said, I had experienced Flamenco before, but the setting and the program of the evening we attended, made our visit even more special. The dances were varied, and included other variations of classical Spanish dance, which came to me as a happy surprise. The combination of dancers on the stage varied as well, making the program all the more interesting- two women, two men, woman and man, trios, and small groups. The footwork and the claps of the dancers were intricate, yet accurate, giving the audience an opportunity to see what they have experienced in the pre-show come to life in a grander scale. The musicians were excellent, and truly highlighted their skills both in classical guitar and in percussion. What I wanted to save for last is that I myself am a dancer, not a Flamenco dancer, but a modern dancer in NYC. I am also an avid traveler, and I enjoy to experience local dances wherever I go. This was by far one of the most complete experiences ever. I enjoyed it greatly, and so did the rest of my family. Thank you Palacio del Flamenco, and thank you City Discovery for the opportunity!

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Reviewed by: wann, 2017/05/20

The flamenco show took place at 139 Balms Street, Barcelona. The theater is centrally located and is within walking from a subway station, Dignoal and it cost this reviewer 8 euros taxi fare from Sants Railway Station area. It is an easy access just from anywhere in Barcelona. The theater Placio del Flamenco is a restored theater of the 1920 and is actually the biggest Flamenco theater in Barcelona with a capacity of 380 people comfortably seated. This charming theater has two floors. Table /seat arrangements are fairly similar to dinner theater commonly found in the USA. All seats have good view of the stage with very little obstructions. The sound effect is also excellent. Exchange of the City Discovery issued voucher with the assigned tickets and seats were fast and pleasant. We were very happy with our assigned seats. The service throughout the show was excellent. This show was almost full. There was one large tour from Malasyia being unloaded by two or three buses.

Free Lesson: This 30 minutes pre-show activities were most educational and entertaining. Two dancers, one male, one female, demonstrated on an elevated stage the basic steps of Flamenco and the basic clappings. They also actually provided teaching lessons and asked active participation from the guests. The 50 or so guests thoroughly enjoyed and took part actively in the activity. This lesson also served to help the guest enjoy and appreciate more the actual performances that followed afterwards.

Several choices were available for the dinner. They include vegetarian, salmon, tapas and the de lux dinner in addition to payella. The tapas dinner serves very authentic Catalan dishes, which seems the favorite choice of most after payella.
The sangria served, which we ordered, was uniquely special to the show. it is very refreshing and is an absolute favorite of all guests. The sangria they serve is so well accepted that they offer special receipe for this very special Spanish drink.

They offer three different show daily. At 6:25 p.m., it is Flamenco y Ole. Designed perhaps more for family show. Flamenco Gipsy at 8:15 p.m. Emphasized the traditional Gypsy type of Flamenco. At 10:30 it is Flamenco Pasion, the ultimate passionate Flamenco performance. The show we saw was 6:25 Flamenco y Ole. it is a complete traditional pure and authentic performance. With 6 first class musicians, guitarists and singers (cantores). And seven or eight dancers (ballaures). Their expressive facial expressions are visible. The 60 minutes show was non-stop from start to finish. They delighted the audience with the guitarist music, uniquely Spanish singing, elaborate costumes, and expressive facial expressions. The intensity. sensuality, the strong feelings, the energy, expressed in different forms of Flamenco in different costumes and the uniquely Flamenco movements are simply stunning and memorable. They are powerful, thrilling and will take your breath away. These dancers performed in solo, duos and multiple of duos. There is no word or expression that can describe this extra ordinary piece of dance form accompanied by the fantastic sound and sight.

This particular tour has the following uniquely different characteristics:
1. They offer 30 minutes free lesson as a pre-show entertainment. This is highly educational and helpful in fully enjoying the real traditional Spanish Flamenco show.
2. They are the largest Flamenco theater in Barcelona. They are equipped with modern technology with excellent sound effect.
3. They offer dinner options with excellent traditional Spanish dishes.
4. The musicians and dancers at Palacio del Flamenco are first class.
5. They are located in a convenient and easily accessible place.
6. They are a favorite night entertainment program for many tour operators as evidenced by tour buses in the front.
It is worth

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Reviewed by: Mark, 2017/03/19

We arrived at the venue and to start the evening off we were taught a little about flemenco and found out just how hard an art it is. It was a group participation exercise that included clapping and foot stamping and quite a lot of laughing. It was the perfect way to start the evening.
We were then escorted into the theatre and to our table were our drink order was taken. Drinks were served and the show began. The dancers were fantastic as were the musicians and singers. Because of the lesson at the start of the evening we were able to appreciate just how skilful the dancers were. The show was exactly what we had imagined it would be and it was a throughly enjoyable evening. We would certainly recommend.

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Reviewed by: CityDiscovery, 2017/03/12

It was a lovely way to spend our first evening in Barcelona.
On arrival we were greeted and given a lesson in basic flamenco which involved group participation and was an excellent way to prepare for what we were to see in the show.
We were then escorted to our table and offered our drinks and the show began.
What followed was what we would describe as typical Spanish entertainment....
Singers, musicians and very skilled flamenco dancers.
The show lasts for about an hour and was very enjoyable.

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