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Dubai Burj Khalifa Atmosphere Restaurant - Breakfast, Lunch or Afternoon Tea

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Reviewed by: さちえ, 2020/02/06


Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2019/11/03
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Reviewed by: MYZ, 2018/11/09

It was an exceptional experience to enjoy the view and the luxurious atmosphere, service and food at one time. The price looks pricey, but is actually reasonable for its specialty, service and general price level in hotel restaurant in the city.

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2018/11/05
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Luxurious Time

Reviewed by: Niko-Niko Ran-chan, 2018/05/23

We made a booking for afternoon tea. From the 123rd floor of the world tallest tower, you can see neo-futuristic buildings as well as palimpsest desert, so I recommend window seats even if it is slightly more expensive.
We spent a long time there enjoying the dishes which was rather like gorgeous lunch dishes than afternoon tea, so in the end we could barely move.
All the staff were friendly and the choices for drinks were wonderful that it was non-stop excitement for us.
Also we were entertained by the live violin performance and they visited each table.
The view from the toilet was amazing, too, so please go there before you leave! haha
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  • Afternoon Tea Stand. So much food that it was difficult to finish all.

  • 2nd hors d'oeuvre. They even got some cavier.

Attended as:Families
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Best Memory of Dubai

Reviewed by: Bagusdays, 2018/05/23

We visited there with the reservation made through Veltra, whom we have used on many occasions.
It takes some time to get to the restaurant, so even though our booking was for 12:30, we were told to come to the lobby of Armani Hotel at 12:00.
The dress code was quite strict. But at the restaurant, we saw many customers in casual clothes like denim shirts or even T-shirts. However, I feel it is safe to dress up as you will go through Armani Hotel which front desk area was chic and classy. I was a bit relaxed as the atmosphere was rather casual in a good way with friendly staff.
I do not drink alcoholic drinks, so they opened a bottle of non-alcoholic drink with dates, followed by other recommended non-alcoholic cocktails, all of which were included in this package deal. We did not have to pay anything when we departed, so we left larger tips than normal, as everything was excellent.
Afternoon tea consists of small appetizers, beautiful sandwiches, small main dish (meat or fish) and dessert. Very satisfying course. The price was about 15000yen per person which was quite expensive, but it was worth it with 2 hours of breathtaking view, gorgeous meal and live performance of the violin.
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  • Desserts for two

  • Non-alcoholic drink with dates

  • Small portion main dish (you can choose between fish or meat. This one is meat)

Attended as:Couples
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