1. Temple of Dendur is my favorite!
    Reviewed by: LS Boom, 2016/09/28
    As a big fan of Egyptian art and history, the Met is on the top of my favorite museums. I probably could have spent the entire time at the Temple of Dendur if it wasn't for my friends urging me along :-P They have this great projection mapping on the side of the temple as well so you can see how the pictures looked thousands of years ago in full color. If you are planning on coming here, definitel...more
  2. Super fan of Chicago! 3rd Row seats!
    Reviewed by: Anonymous, 2016/09/28
    I finally got to see this show live with some friends - from the 3rd row!. Okay, I've listened to the music so many times, for years, and actually saw a few community theater productions in san antonio, but it was just so amazing to experience it on broadway and so close to the stage. The dancing was phenomenal and the singers were really really really good. I recommend this show if you like jazz ...more
  3. Favorite museum in NY
    Reviewed by: Thomas Mezurashi, 2016/09/28
    okay, so between this one and the museum of Natural History, this one is my favorite. My wife likes the Museum of Natural History - me not so much. Im not really a fossil and science fan hahaha. The place is huge and has so many great pieces.
  4. What a Wicked Weekend
    Reviewed by: LahnBahn, 2016/09/28
    After reading the book countless times, I knew that I had to see Wicked, and sooo happy that I did. It is such a great production with awesome singing and dancing too! The actresses that played Elphaba and Glinda were just amazing and they had me cheering during "Defying Gravity" and weeping by the end of "For Good". My mother-in-law didn't know anything about the story before we went, and had a f...more