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Manatee & Alligator Attractions
Orlando offers animal adventures galore and you can either dive into the water and snorkel with the calm and gentle manatee or get up close and personal with Florida's famed toothy creatures with a visit to a gator theme park. Manatees will happily swim around you as you easily see why they were once mistaken for mermaids, and even see incredible reptiles as they interact with their handlers, chomp on their dinner and even soar above them on a thrilling zipline.

    Availability varies by date for all activities.

  1. Get ready for an alligator adventure as you zip, zoom and take in the thrilling views on a zipline from towers seven stories tall at the Gatorland Theme Park.
    Pick-up Provided


    Tue, Fri
    4.5 hour(s) (afternoon)
  2. Zoom across the swamps in the heart of alligator country and then head to Gatorland for a day of exciting exhibits and shows featuring these toothy reptiles.
    Pick-up Provided


    Tue, Fri
    8.5 - 9.5 hour(s) (morning)
  3. Get your tickets today to visit Orlando's "Skeletons: Animals Unveiled" for a fun and educational day with a collection of over 400 different animal skeletons.


    (morning, afternoon, evening, night)
  4. Have a once-in-a-lifetime experience as you swim and snorkel alongside a gentle manatee or sea cow. See these mammals up close in clear river waters.
    Pick-up Provided
    Meal Provided


    10.5 - 12 hour(s) (morning)