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Great Ocean Road's Best Sights Full Day Tour from Melbourne

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Worth visiting there

Reviewed by: Meghan, 2018/07/08

This tour was great. All the way through the end, the support was good. In the day tour, we could visit many points which deserve to stop by to see the view and take good photos. The best point 12 apostles was rather far away from the CBD,however, the driver James was so warmhearted and hilarious so that we enjoyed ourselves a lot.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2018/07/01
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Fantastic trip

Reviewed by: Liu , 2018/01/08

This is the first time for me to experience the great ocean road . And this is also my first time to use the travel agency in Melbourne .The one-day tour is amazing . Not only because I saw too may beautiful scenic view but also I met a so cute and generous driver . His name is Rob. He is so kind . I think he is not only a good driver but also a good tour guide .
I apologized for being late too many times. Besides ,I really want to thank the receptionist . I am new here and my English is limited.when I am anxious about the check-in place she is so kind to comfort me and explain the place with enough patience.
Thanks for giving me a good chance to enjoy this trip .

Reply from activity provider

Hi Liu
We are so delighted you had an amazing time on our popular Great Ocean Road. The pictures look amazing and the weather perfect! The Great Ocean Road is a spectacular drive. We're also really happy that you liked our customer service too, I'm not sure which one of our staff you spoke to at the counter but I'll pass the message to the department and also to Rob our driver who will be extremely happy to hear the great feedback. Thank you so much for travelling with Gray Line and we hope to see you or your family and friends in the future.
Thanks, Chantelle

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2018/01/08
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Amazing day out!!!

Reviewed by: Patricia, 2017/09/05

This tour is a long day (picked up at 7:30am, returned at 9:30pm) but worth every minute. The Great Ocean Road is stunning and we saw every one of the Road's best sights along the way. There are a lot of sights to fit in but the time at each location was just right.
The tour was operated by Gray Line tours and I cannot recommend them highly enough. They were extremely efficient and well organised and our driver James was just amazing. He told us so history and information along the route that he must have been exhausted by the end of the day. James obviously loves his job and went to great lengths to make everyone feel comfortable. He also made sure everyone was delivered safely home to the door of their hotel if that is what they wanted.

I only had the week-end to see Melbourne and the surrounding area and I am so pleased I chose this trip....lunch was lovely too.

Attended as:Solo Travelers
Activity Date:2017/09/03
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Reviewed by: RUSMIZAN, 2017/02/17

For fellow travelers, it is a MUST Tour that you should spend your money for. It is a lifetime experience and worth every penny!

We would like to take an opportunity to share our priceless experiences regarding this tour. We are newly-wed couple from Malaysia. We came across this tour when we are trying to search for Great Ocean Road Tour via Google. The tour price is considerably reasonable and importantly it has almost covered all interesting places in the Great Ocean Road. Honestly, we were doubtful in the beginning, as we have never tried the tour before this, but all doubts had gone away on the tour day when we saw the bus waiting for us punctually as promised. We were first assembled at the Federation Square East, our meeting point for this tour and the place was easy to find without hassle.

We were started our journey around 8 am with early morning drizzle. Along the journey we have been explained by our friendly and chatty tour guide, on some historical backgrounds of certain significant landmarks and interesting places around Melbourne City.

We had a tea break around 10am in the small city for a refreshment before going further uphill and entering Great Ocean Road. Very famous Australian black tea and Lamington cake were served. That was our first time tantalising our tastebud with this biscuit and we have absolutely fallen in love with it. For those who have no ideas about this cake, it is made from sponge cake coated with chocolate and rolled in desiccated coconut. Trust me, you should give a try. It is absolutely a mouth watering snack to taste for.

After a few hours on the bus, we came across Eucalyptus trees alongside the road and guess what, we were lucky enough to spot on a basketball size of wild koala, hugging on the branch of Eucalyptus tree! It was a fascinating experience to see it "live". We were also had a chance to see a few wild kangaroos hoping around the bushes. Chances of seeing natural safari of wild Australian animals along the journey are really great experience for us.

We were then stopped for our lunch at a small beautiful town called "Appolo Bay". We were having a set of fish and chips in one of the restaurant alongside the road. The price is quite reasonable and affordable,around $9 AUD each and the fish was absolutely fresh and delicious. They have a variety of foods for you to choose from, for example, noodles, pizza, salads and many more. If you got an extra time you can spend your time at the beach seeing people surfing while waiting for the bus to move on to the next journey.

The journey then continued with the absolutely amazing breathtaking views along the Great Ocean Road. We stopped by at few main attractions such as 12 Apostles, Shipwreck, London Arch and many other iconic places. We had also given a chance to go near the beach to feel the fresh wind of Southern Ocean and watching the rage of the waves from the distance.

After lots and lots of beautiful pictures (till our storage media has already full) we were sadly leaving Great Ocean Road and heading back to Melbourne.

On the way back to Melbourne, the tour guide has played a movie named "Oddball".The movie is based on a true story about Middle Island and the dog protecting penguins sanctuary in Australia.

Overall, we spent almost 12 precious hours with Great Ocean Road Tour.

It is not always about the destination but it is a jouney that counts the most.

Happy Holiday!

Warmest Regards,
Rus & Helm

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Reviewed by: laura, 2017/02/14

My partner and I just spent three days in Melbourne so we decided to spend one in order to see one of the most famous views of Australia: the Twelve Apostles. I have done this excursion with my partner and we liked it, nonetheless, we think it could be improved.
With this tour you have the opportunity to do more than one stop along the Great Ocean Road while the guide -which is also the driver of the bus- gives you information and fun facts. The bus was really comfortable and they do the pick-up and drop off which is also really convenient. Peter was our tourist guide and he was really good giving historical facts. Nonetheless, we would have loved to have more information of what to do in -for what for us was the most important stop: the one that gives you the opportunity to see the Twelve Apostles. In that stop you have one hour. Once you get off the bus you have three options: 1. Go along the path to see the views from above or 2. Go down to the beach or 3. A helicopter view +some time to do something else. You can’t do the three things; actually, you CAN’T do both things (the first one and the second one) and have time to enjoy it, we did it and it was exhausting regardless of being 25 and 28 years old!! We would have loved to have more time there because we wanted to walk amongst the rocks on the beach and feel how big they are. When we read the tour in google, it was said that we would have time to go to the beach and have a walk… but it wasn’t in this stop, it was in the next one (but that stop -even though it is amazing- isn’t were the Twelve Apostles are; it is in Loch Ard Gorge!
Therefore, we would have loved to have a schedule for the whole day stating “exactly” how much time we would have in each stop and what you could do in each of them. If we are saying this, again, is because our main interest to do this excursion was to enjoy the Twelve Apostles and we just had one hour there (to see it from above with the views and from below in the beach). We spend 25 minutes on the path to see the views of the twelve apostles and then we decided to take the walk to go down to the beach. The walk is quite long (about 15-20min) so we only had 5 minutes on the Twelve Apostles beach. We took two photos from there but it was impossible to have time to go further on and be “beside” the rocks that form the Twelve Apostles for us (even though there was plenty of people there walking among the rocks because we saw it from the path above). Apart from that, we would have loved to do the helicopter view as well but it was also in this stop, making it IMPOSSIBLE to do the three things altogether.

Apart from that, as we were saying the tour is good. You have more than one stop along the Great Ocean Road. You have enough time to eat (we didn’t include the lunch on the tour and you have quite a few restaurant options there), the bus is really comfortable and the guide was good. During the tour they put a video to give you extra information about the road (it didn’t work properly) and in the end, going back to Melbourne they put the movie “Oddball” on the bus, to make it more enjoyable.
Overall, we would rate this tour a 6.5 out of 10 and that is because we liked it but we think some clarification during the tour would allow you to plan ahead.

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Reviewed by: Janet, 2016/12/28

We enjoyed the trip. Scenery was fantastic and coach driver was very informative. However the trip was somewhat spoilt with the presence of a young baby on the coach who was crying most of the journey which actually drowned the coach driver's commentary. I really don't think this type of trip is appropriate for young babies. Perhaps for 6yrs onwards?

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Reviewed by: Ivan, 2016/12/13

We recommend this tour to everyone, it is a great experience! My wife and me arrived in Australia some 10 days ago, and this is our wedding trip which we decided to start in Melbourne. would like to share my impressions about this agency and our trip to the Great Ocean Road. Our friends who were here in Australia last year have recommended this agency and this trip to us as one of the most beautiful in Melbourne. So we have booked a trip directly from a the website, without any hassle, quick and easy. This is a one day trip which started early morning near the Federation square. We have been greeted by oureply guide and driver Paul. He explained shortly what awaits us on this nice trip. He was excellent. During the whole day he was giving us a lot of interesting information about the history of the city, life in Melbourne, and some little known things about Australia. So thanks to Paul, we have learned a lot in a very easy and funny way. During our trip on the Great Ocean Road, we made quite a lot of stops and enough time to take interesting photos of all important things. We have seen a lot of beautiful beaches and the cherry pick of the tour was a 12 apostles. We also had a great opportunity to picture several koalas on trees because Paul stopped safely when we spotted them!

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Reviewed by: jennifer, 2011/04/15

a really good day. fantastic day

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Reviewed by: ROBERT, 2011/02/09

It was a geeat trip. The driver was extremely knowledgable and personable. We would recommend this trip to everyone.

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Reviewed by: Barry, 2009/02/01

Beautiful scenery, however a 14 hour day.

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Reviewed by: Joanne, 2008/10/05

Excellent whistle stop tour. The driver & tour guide was incredibly knowledgeable and really entertaining.

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