Great one-day trip along Romantische Straße

投稿者: garamon, 2016/04/19

My family and my step-sister’s family, total 7 persons, really enjoyed a vacation in Europe in March 2016.

In the vacation, we had great one-day trip along Romantische Straße by VELTRA’s reserved car.

Mr. Sorin Grad, dispatched from VELTRA, was so kindly tour conductor and good driver.

We went out from Munchen with him and Bentz box car.

On the way to Neuschwanstein Castle, He stopped over a lake-side at Sternberg in the morning, here was very silent. Nobody was there except us. Alpine mountains could be seen beyond the lake. A quiet air fascinated us so much.

At a ticket office of the Castle, I found that I had made wrong reservation before the trip because the reservation system was complicated for me. Sorin talked a ticket staff and settled it.

The Castle, of course, was very nice. Especially outside scenery from the Castle window was so impressed.

On the way back to Munchen, we visited Wieskirche church, located in grassland.
In Munchen city, our reserved car dropped a hotel to take up my credit card. Because when we check out the hotel in the morning, I left my credit card there. Big mistake !

After that, our car drive went through college area then arrived at an international airport just on time (7 pm) !

After we entered into an airport terminal, Sorin still stood by for few minutes in order to help if we have some troubles.

We appreciate Sorin’s kindly arrangement.

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