Good experience 美山かやぶきの里「雪灯廊」

投稿者: Lee Wai Kit, 2017/02/15

This a good experience on this trip. A suitable time and start on time. First station to reach 金閣寺. There are many tourists, but not oppressive feeling. Oh the other hand, because so many people, so there is no purchase famous ice-cream. 金閣寺 it is comfortable, not like other Buddhist temples built in the city center. And the scenery is very beautiful.

Second station to 嵐山, because I'm too tired, so along the asleep. Maybe the driver very well, get off the bridge and to stroll around 渡月橋 in advance has been looking for a restaurant have lunch.

The third station just woke up only to 美山. Scenery along the covered with snow, is different from the city. Get off after eating a good-flavored ice cream and milk, there is plenty of time to take pictures with friends as a memento. A Miss milk flavor

End up in 美山 かやぶき the landscape was dotted with snow has been attracting. In very cold weather, placed next to the street of different eating shop very attractive!

美山 かやぶき very elegant, at night after a candle, it is so beautiful. Friends and I walked into the village and a temple of worship, a real eye-opener!

The Chinese translation of the guide is very good, the journey very often. Introduce friends to join.


Thanks for your high valuation on ours tours. We will continue to provide a good travel products future

この体験談は参考になりましたか? [はい]

美山かやぶきの里「雪灯廊」と嵐山バスツアー ライトアップされた日本の原風景と冬化粧の世界遺産を巡る<1/26~2/2/大阪駅・難波駅発>by 神姫バスツアーズの参加体験談 | 京都の観光&遊び・体験・レジャー専門 VELTRA(ベルトラ)

美山かやぶきの里「雪灯廊」と嵐山バスツアー ライトアップされた日本の原風景と冬化粧の世界遺産を巡る<1/26~2/2/大阪駅・難波駅発>by 神姫バスツアーズの参加体験談 | 紅葉で華やぐ季節を終え、静寂が訪れる冬の京都。凛とした空気に包まれる冬の嵐山を堪能した後は、茅葺屋根に情緒を感じる美山かやぶきの里へご案内します。「雪灯廊」開催中の美山。どこか心懐かしい山里に、優しい明りが灯ります。