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Traditional Ainu Dance Performance and Iomante Fire Festival at Lake Akan


Enjoy a fantastical performance of the traditional Iomante Fire Festival, a seasonal ritual of the local Ainu preserving historic song and dance.

  • 阿寒アイヌ工芸
  • 阿寒アイヌ工芸6
  • アイヌ古式舞踊-フッタレチュイ
  • 阿寒アイヌ工芸6
  • 6
  • 6
Watch as performers take the stage to present a traditional Ainu dance, designated as an important cultural asset, and a UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage. Dance is integral to the life of the Ainu People, who used to sing and dance in rituals and gatherings of family or friends. Ainu dance is not only aimed at enjoying themselves, but also at expressing respect or gratitude to ancestors or kamuy. These dances are called ‘Rimuse’ , ‘Upopo’ or ‘Horippa’ depending on the region. There are a variety of dances for many different parts of life. Some dances take inspiration from nature or the motions of animals, hunting, even joy and sorrow. Every region has unique dances handed down carefully from generation to generation.
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This activity is not available to book at this time.
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  • 20:50 Pick-up or Check-in at Akanko Ainu Theater Ikoro
  • 21:00 Iomante Fire Festival
    阿寒アイヌ工芸6 Join the Ainu people for a traditional performance of the Iomante Fire Festival. The dancers begin quietly slowly building the singing and dancing to new heights, seeking to become more beautiful and impressive than the kamuy of the forest. Ekashi offers a prayer for peace.
  • Performance
    阿寒アイヌ工芸 The flame soars, and the people sing and dance to the sound of the mukkuri (Ainu mouth harp) that echoes like the wind.
  • Check-out at Ainu Theater Ikoro or Drop-off at Lakeside Hotels
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